Problem: i can't become really lucid


I have a Problem. I made an Affirmation, that i will know that i’m dreaming when i’m dreaming.

this affirmations works, but not perfect. in a way i know that i’m dreaming, but i’m not aware that i can influence everything. i just chance small pieces of my dream, e.g. i know that i can fly or something like that and if i want to, i fly. but i can’t really decide what i am dreaming. e.g. i can’t chance the area of my dream, i can’t command people to go away and so on. and i often forget that i’m dreaming.

so do you think it’s just a matter of practise? or should i change the affirmation?

the affirmation ist “when you are dreaming, you get aware that you are dreaming”. i listen to it 30 min. every day and then i sleep.

sorry for my englisch. i’m german :wink:

I think that is one of the cases where reality checks actually do some good. They can help you become more lucid. :smile:

Or, you could make a plan of what exactly you are going to do when you are lucid. Everything you remember from WL and do in your dream will usually make you more lucid and is a good sign that you really are. The more unusual it is (compared to your normal dreams) whatever you decide to do, the more likely it is that you will attain higher lucidity.

Hi boZ, welcome to the forum! :wave:

Your affirmation is OK. I don’t know how many LD’s you have got, and whether you practice since a long time but yes indeed, it’s a matter of practice. Now lucicity level may vary, even experienced LD’ers may have low lucid dreams or low lucid passages in LD’s. If it’s too low you can try to take the habit to enhance it immediatly when becoming lucid. To do so, Ionflux advices are very good.

Moreover, lucidity is not a synonym of control. A possibility is increasing lucidity and by realizing that it’s a dream and everything may be changed, you can modify things. Another possibility - better IMO - is trying to take advantage of the dream context (for instance, by transforming things instead of creating them from scratch, by using televisions or doors in order to enter a new area, by asking DC’s for help, by transforming yourself in a more powerful dream ego, etc.)

the more LDs you have the better understanding of how to control them


i practice since ca. 1 month. The 1.+2. week i got just 1 LD. Then i made the affirmation and since then i have a LD about every 3 nights.

so, i’m in the beginning.

thanks for your help, i will try some of the advice.

Tell me more about this affirmation :razz: I have practiced for over 3 months and only had one single, non-vivid and low-control LD.

Very good beginning, boZ! :happy:

A tip in order to have a better lucidity level during the dream is staring at your hands from time to time. Staring at your hands when you start to be less lucid - and generally seeing your hands transform - boosts your lucidity. Or instead of looking at your hands, you can also perform a RC.

Another point : you may be in a dream and know it’s a dream, yet not completely realize that you can transform what you want. I just got this realization in two recent dreams - before, I was doing what you describe, hardly managing to do what I wanted. This happened because I thought clearly that I could change what I wanted - what I didn’t think of before. But for the moment, I have not a lot of experience in controlling directly the dream. And I haven’t thought yet of changing it drastically. Anyhow, my first impression is, it’s more funny to morph oneself in something more powerful. :smile:

@ MovieMe: more motivation, more practise and less chatspeak. Here is the solution. :tongue:

Oh, I am as motivated as I can be :razz: And for the chatspeak, I blame this addictive forum :cool_laugh:

I work with affirmations in several areas. (university, selfesteem, alcohol (i want to drink less) etc.)

so i have 5 affirmations that i have recorded. every nigth, before ich sleep, ich listen to this five affirmations for 30 minutes. futhermore i have an audio file, that influences the frequency of your brainwaves. they become theta-wave. this waves put you into a very receptive mood. so your affirmation will go easier into your subconscious mind. and when your subconscious mind gets your “command”, than it will work for you. it will try to make your affirmations become real.

i listen to it before i sleep. this has the advantage, that in this periode of time, when you begin to sleep, the connection between subconscious and conscious is also very goog.

so i use 2 ways to get the command (in form of an affirmation) in my subconscious mind.

this is to me an easy way to solve problems you have

Ja, ich hören lucid_remix.mp3 jede Nacht aber keine ergebnises :sad: (Sorry, my german is not that good :tongue: )
I noticed how you accidentaly used german in your text :wink:

But I do listen to the lucid_remix.mp3 at night but I’m just not that open for RL sounds when I’m asleep.

i don’t know what lucid_remix.mp3 is. but i think you should use your own affirmations, because every word means to you something different than to me. so you must use your own way to command your subconscious mind.

you also should listen to it when you start to sleep. when your are sleeping, it is not that important, because than your conscious is not able to understand sentences.

futhermore you should try to concentrate on what you are saying. try to not let your cogitations drift away. try to focus what you are saying.

and you have to try which is best. a slow voice? a fast voice? loud or quiet? and so on. i talk slow and quiet. and i have quiet long breaks between the affirmations