Problem keeping a DD

Well, actually I have two problems here. My first problem is that when I am tired I AM TIRED TO THE POINT WHERE NO HUMAN BEING SHOULD BE. When I wake up and I’m tired, or I’m tired period, I could definately qualify for having a split personality syndrome. Seriously, If someone were to wake me up and put a gun to my head and ask me to get up I seriously don’t know what I would do. I’m not rational or sane.

So obviously, It’s a problem for me to keep a DD. I’m just too damn tired to do it. It’s too much of a hassle to write all that crap down on paper. (I write super slow). I tried doing it on the computer but I’m far too lazy to do it… I don’t have a tape recorder and my parents wont buy me one…

Just now I realized im pretty much screwed.

Is there anyway to increase wakefullness when I wake up?

Are you amaemic, or have any chance of being? Cos I am, and it fucks up the day cos you’re so damned tired. Try taking iron tablets for a while. Taking them if you’re not anaemic won’t do any harm, and you could even take two (won’t hurt don’t worry) see if it does any good.

No i’m not aenemic… I was tested for that. I do however have “Circadian Rythmn Disturbance”… I produce melatonin in the day and Seratonin at night. But yeah im really sleepy during the entire day but its so weird cuz… I can be sleepy from the moment I wake up till 8:00PM then suddenly BAM! I’m wide awake and hyper.

I do that. I’m not gonna see if I’ve got that…cos I really don’t want another thing to add to my ever growing list of things wrong with me!
Having someone pour a bucket of icy water over you would do it!

Nope. It doesn’t. My mom tried. She tried doing everything to get me up for school and I just wouldn’t go. She ACTUALLY poured ice water all over me and i still just laid there and went to sleep. It’s actually kind of scary… I might sleep through the house being on fire cuz I just wouldnt care.

really?! fuck…dunno then. There’s gotta be something out there to help, I’ll look it up

Thanks- since i guess I really found the issue to the reason I can’t keep a DD, I’m officially “closing” this post. I have another post on Lucidity Intro about my disorder

Post about this sleeping disorder can be found here.

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