Problem with VILD Technique...

I have chosen the VILD technique as i have a very good imagination! :tongue: i know thats the best technique for me but the problem is that i have to wake up after a few hours which i have managed to do so far without problems, but as soon as i wake up and within a couple of seconds i fall back to sleep without doing my technique! Almost forgetting to do it at all! :help:

I know i have to do something to make myself slightly more awake like turning off an alarm clock or something, but im so unmotivated and tired when i get up i dont do it, even though im motivated during the day! :confused: :confused: any ideas?? :smile: :content:

Use an alarm clock, then find whatever motivates you and read it in the middle of the night. Works for me

try putting a sign on the ceiling telling you what to do, or turn a light on so you don,t fall asleep right away, have a mp3 wake you up telling you what to do things like that just make sure you are aware first

Thanks i like the sign idea as i have some photos by my bed which i nearly always look at in the morning so ill try that tonight! Thanks for your help! :grin: :smile: :content:

I treid these techniques last night and it worked! Thankyou! :grin: I woke up early this morning and said i better do my technique, which i did and my dream was very very vivid!

My brain gave me so many dream signs to help me, (which i told it to last night) but it didnt sink in for a while! then after a few more signs i realised i was dreaming and became lucid! :grin: :woo: i stayed calm and began to control my dream for my longest time of 2 minutes! then i woke up due to the end of REM sleep :cry:

I now need to program my brain to give me more obvious Dream signs to make me lucid quicker, and to remind me to rub my hands or keep doing reality checks to make me stay lucid longer!

Thanks again! :grin: :woo: :happy:

Congratulations on your longer LD!

You can actually keep yourself from waking up and extend the REM cycle through rubbing your hands and whatnot. Of course, the dream is a little harder to maintain, but it gives you some more time to do… well, whatever you want. The trick is to simply stay engaged in the dream, and don’t stop rubbing those hands, even if it feels like lost cause. I’ve noticed this will trigger a lot of FA’s, which are great for LD’ers who remember their RC’s when they wake up.

Thanks for the tips and i can confidently say i can LD again!

Ive had LDs before (5 secs maximum) but that was during the Xmas holidays where i had time off school and time to practice! As soon as i got back into waking early for school, my dream journal and dream recall flew out the window! :sad: :neutral:

but ive got another week of holiday left for easter so im hoping for more LDs soon! :grin: :woo: My first LD was like 5 secs then it gradually got longer the more i practiced. now i know i can have an LD and stay calm (my first hurdle) i can now experiment with sustaining techniques! :grin:

In the few LDs ive had, they have been just walking or standing still or just following the dream i was just in and i cant decide what to do first, whats the best thing to try first? :help: :confused:

:peek: Congratulations! i’ve always told myself what i would do before i go to bed for when i LD and i always go straight at it. the first thing i did was to fly well try to. after many failed attempts i finally got it right. i also used my mind to make things appear and disappear and turn the lights on and off and just talked to people. simple stuff so i wont lose my lucidity.

Last night i actually talked to a DC! :woo: YAY! This our really random convo;

DC: Hi
Me: Hey
DC: your dreaming right?
Me: Yeah
DC: Awesome, so am i…

i was like…ok. lol :eek: :eek:

I tried V-WILD at the begining of the night a couple of times and got nowhere however last night I tried it in the night after waking up and straight away I could see a clasic car (dodge charger?) pictures kept flashing into my mind of it from differnt angles. It was amazing :smile:. However I didn’t get any further :sad:

Congrats lbsf1 on ur dream!

you may have concentrated to hard on the images you began to see, the trick of WILD or V-WILD is to concentrate on keeping your mind awake by doing something to keep it active such as counting each breath you take “1…Im dreaming…2…im dreaming…etc”

you can watch the images but not too hard as you could wake yourself up, which is probably what you did to start with.

As you progress with this technique the images will become more vivid and start to become realistic scenes and you will soon find it so realistic you could reach out and touch it.

At this point try and just jump into the dream scene in front of you instantly Lucid!, if you try too soon you may risk waking up early, You also could hear sounds during the technique but this is nothing to worry about its just your dream taking form,
Good luck with you LDs! :content: :content: