Problem with VILD

When i want to induce wild with visualizations, i get really tensed in my legs.
I can easily visualize something in waking, when not sleeping, not in bed, but when i close my eyes and lie to bed i have to try very hard to fight other images my mind is sending me and keep my only images.
And it is creating very big tension in my legs.
I can wild, with basic method - focusing on nothing and wait for it, observing HI but i want to do it vild way with visualizations.

What works for me is to merge the visualised image and the random ones. For example. if my subconscious is bent on showing me random news headlines, I adapt the visualised scene into reading a newspaper in the location I want.

Also, it works better if I am already very sleepy, so it takes less time. Does it usually take a long time for you to fall asleep?

i get that too like ur body starts hurting and u gotta Breathe heavily and like ur head where the hair is starts hurting and u feel like its taking forever :razz: