Problem with WILD & becoming lucid

I woke this morning up at 6.15AM, I tried to go back to sleep, and i was just imagining a bit about stuff…

next thing i can remember is a short dream, en after that dream i wake up again, but not completely… i feel my body lying in bed and my eyes are still closed… i allow myself to fall asleep again, then my body feels “electified” or “energized”, i can’t exactly describe it but i think you know what i mean

i feel my “body” floating away from my real body, like i’m entering a dream, but everything in front of my eyes stays black, until I move “to much” and I am awake. Then I let myself drift away again, electric feeling, my body moves/floats away, i am awake… this happens like 5 times, i tried to sit, to float away, etc etc… and then I give up and i look at my clock (6.45am) and i do a RC (hold your nose, look at the clock 2 times) and I confirm i am really awake.

Then i doubted the fact I was really awake the times i thought i had awoken myself up again and i failed to “wild” through the electric feelings in a dream.

I think i expect lucid dreams to be a bit blurry and dreamlike and not to be complete realistic.

My problem is: How do I know I am dreaming my wild-attempt failed, or that it really failed?

I could do an RC, like check the time two times or hold my nose,… if i am dreaming it wil probably realise i can do everything and i can start to LD… but if the RC fails, then i am completely awake and i can’t go back to those electrified feelings again.

So does anyone have a better idea than a “dangerous” RC that can waste my next chances to WILD?

(it’s btw not the first time it happens to me… it happen a few times before that I had those feelings and i tried to enter a dream with it, and then i thought it failed… and the time i thought, let’s just do an RC, i was awake)

Hey Isaac,

I developped a small tech to end the doubts I had if I was really in a dream or perhaps only 1/2 or perhaps awake. I imagine i’m spining around and use that imagined movement to roll my body out of my sleeping position. If i’m asleep I roll my dream body and enter a LD (kind of OBE-ish, also you dont need a RC because its obvious that it’s a dream), if not, I slightly move my real body in my real bed… :smile: try this when you are floating around, it really works (for me and a few others at least). It also prevents you from waking up fast if it fails.

Hope this was useful, good luck with your LD’s!

thank you for your reply Xertov!

if i spin myself a dream i’ll never have to face the “failed-WILD” dream :smile: Sounds good :smile:


You don’t want to have that thought in your head. Lucid dreams or any dreams for that matter can and often are very realistic and vivid. When I do WILD I often find myself standing in a very realistic representation of my room.

Anyway it sounds to me like you may be getting stuck in the hypnogia(right on the border of dreaming). What I suggest in this case to imagine yourself floating down. As you descend imagine you are letting go of your consciousness. As you let go of more of you thinking you should find that you will get pulled into the dream.

Good luck and happy dreaming.

Well, if i completely wake up and then try to wild,then im stuck in the HI / can’t let my consciousness go

but if i don’t completely wake up, which occasionally happens (i think it has something to do with lying on my back or not), then if i wait like 10 seconds, i get that electric feeling. it’s black before my eyes… next thing that happens is that i feel my body, and if i open my eyes can see my bedroom: i think this is where I entered the dream.

If i descend i’ll probably get the same scenario…
next time this happens i’ll first try spinning, then descending, then wishing to be somewhere, maybe i get an other dreamscenario, and then just doing an RC.

this night no “succes” it’s weekend so i went later to bed as usual, and i didn’t meditate that long.