Problems during WILD

Hi !
I’ve tried WILD last two weeks and got at least to reccurring problems.
The first one is that I often got boogers that go down in my throat when I’m laying on my back. (yuck !) Can you WILD laying on your side then ?
The second one is my breath. If I just think one time about it, it starts beeing irregular, and totally random, wich breaks the feeling I’m falling asleep.

Have you got solutions for these problems ?

Well when it comes to sleeping position why even bother to be in one which will prevent you from falling asleep therefore having dreams/lucid dreams?!

About breathing… There isn’t much you can do. Only thing you can do is to practice and practice and then practice some more until you become comfortable with yourself falling asleep so much conscious as you are when doing WILD. It’s completely new way of falling asleep for you and you are starting to notice more and more new thing which might be obstacles or not but they are here and you need to learn do cope with them.

And remember, whatever any guide said about any technique you don’t need to follow it to the point where it becomes uncomfortable for you. Whichever aspect of the technique doesn’t feel ok you change it to your likings and trust me you will prevail! :content:

Thank you !
I tried tonight, it’s harder to keep my mind aware, but as you said, it’ll come with practice.