Problems entering wild

So last night I tried to enter WILD for the first time. So I go to sleep, I wake up after 5h of sleep I get out of bed for 2 min. After that I try to relax myself it works .
Then I focus on breathing and after a while a heard a little ticking noise and I feel my eyes moving fast. But then I got a little a excited and everything faded away. Then I changed position and try again and this time I face another problem. I keep hearing music that I listened through the day. So after while I gave up and just fell asleep to a normal dream. Any tips how to clear your mind before going to sleep?


One thing that has helped me a lot is to “daydream” while waiting for sleep. This can help a lot with dream incubation, because the visualisation can transform seamlessly into a real dream. This also takes the focus away from the body and background thoughts.

The music could be beginning HI. Maybe you could focus on the music. Try to listen closely, maybe add another instrument or voice. Maybe try to remix it? This has also given me some very good WILDs when it has worked.

Good luck!

Thanks I’m gonna try this