Problems I've Been Having

I’ve been into things like Astral Projection, and Lucid Dreaming for about 5 years now. I’ve manage both only 4 times combined, mostly because my enthusiasm is like a roller coaster; really high, or really low.
I want to be able to LD very badly, but I’m having trouble enthusing myself this time around. I know that the very principle of LD should absolutely fascinate me, and indeed it does. There’s so many things I can’t do here, that I can do in there. But I just can get myself pepped up for it.
I do do Daily Meditation using the Insight CD ( which has helped with my Dream Recall immensely. Just writing about this had got me pepped up, lol… Wow. Aside from keeping a Dream Journal, what else should I be sure to do?

Read some Ld’ing books if you can find them. Come to this site often, keep up your motivation, and most important…


When you get deep in your meditation, give yourself some hypnotic suggestions. Just think loudly to yourself things like “Whenever I’m dreaming, I will realize that I’m dreaming” and “I must remember to count my fingers” and so on. Keep changing the phrase around, to say the same thing in a bunch of different ways.

I only say the above because you mentioned doing meditation daily, so it won’t “cost” you anything to throw in a few suggestions here and there.

MILD + WBTB + RC = Fairly consistant lucid dreaming for beginners