Problems relaxing..

in most methods to do…they always say relax. what does that mean? i tried the HILD method and i woke up 3 hours later and tried to “relax”. does that mean just lay in your bed and stare at something. lol. well anyways…i need some :help: . by the way…HILD method still hasnt worked for me…but that may be happening because i go to bed at like 3 or 4 :content: im going to try the HILD method tonight…but by going to bed like at 11 or 12. anyways…please help on the relaxation subject…THANKS.

Easy. Just don’t tense your muscles. Just let them lay there.
That is the most basic way - which is what I use. There are, of coarse, more complecated (but I guess better as well) ways of doign this.

ill try that…thanks :cool:

maybe you could start imagining your dream, what you’d like to happen, visualise how it might look etc.

In most case in here… relax means pretend that you’re dead or are asleep. :smile:

Just relax… don’t have you rmuscles all tightened up. lol… just… be dead. :happy:

making better sense?