Problems trying to induce OOBE

I tried very hard to have an OOBE yesterday, and figured the worst that could happen is a WILD. But it never came. Laid in bed perfectly still with eyes closed for an hour, I felt some of the tingling coming on but it seems that my heart was racing so fast I couldnt make my body fall alsepp and any little sound would make me think (instead of being passive) even though I had ear plugs in. How do I conquer these problems? I noticed that my mind started to dream a little about random things and as soon as that would happen it would make me to alert automatically to let my body fall asleep enough. It really pissed me off that I couldnt even get to the HI phase. Is there special techniques or tips for very light sleepers?

You might want to do some research on OBE/AP techniques to find which one best suits you. Lying still, hoping to shut off your body while keeping your mind awake, is not the best method for everybody. I’ve done this type of thing many times and finally came to the conclusion that it just doesn’t work for me. I also avoid doing WILD this way. There are many good sites and discussions about AP inductions, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding new methods to experiment with.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help with this, but everybody’s different. The methods that work better for me probably won’t work the same for you and that type of thing.

Good luck.

Try doing it in the morning while waking early. Your body is still sleepy