Problems while sleeping

Hi, I have had a problem 3 times now, I have broken 3 of my teeth sleeping, somehow shutting my mouth so hard that my fangs broke, not all three at the same time, but they are broken, and I don’t want to break anymore. I would really like some help with this, thank you in advance.

Hi, me again, forgot something, when I have broken those teeth, I was always sound asleep, suddenly I felt like being sent through a tunnel backwards, at very high speeds, then I felt my mouth open and close strongly, soon, surprise, a piece chipped off. I don’t remember being nervous or stressed. I appreciate any help in helping me stop this from happening and why it happens.


whoa…thats really odd, it is very common to dream about losing teeth, but you acctually did. And you didnt feel pain in your dream or be woken up by this?, maybe that gaurd would be a good investment!

I have a similar problem. But i haven’t broken any of my teeth yet. For me it sometimes even happen during the day, it’s really anoying but i don’t know what to do about it.

Yes, I would get some kind of mouth guard… Sounds pretty urgent. Not to scare you, but it’s possible you could bite your tongue severely. I vaguely remember having the problem with shutting my jaw quickly in my childhood. Well I guess it must have passed, I cant remember when I did it last. The bit about traveling backwards through a tunnel is interesting… dont know what to say about that. Good luck

Hi, thanks for the advice on the teeth guard, but if it’s one of those made of hard plastic I would break it, well my teeth didn’t completely fall of, just a little piece chipped, and yes, I was cuming out of my sleep everytime it happened, I felt like going into a tunnel, then I felt my mouth opening, without me controlling it, then it shut itself pretty hard. Yesterday I was closing my eyes ready to get a nap, then i felt away from my body, and I opened and closed my mouth with force, not so much, but pretty hard, and I also felt a hand going beside my jaw, but in real life I was alone. Thanks for the advice.