Problems with DILD

On rare occasions i do a reality check in a dream and get lucid (nose RC always works for me :grin:.But whenever I get lucid the dream scene shifts to me being in bed in my room looking at bright light coming out of the corridor next to my room unable to speak or do something (I always just manage to lift my hand looking at it :O). (It has happened twice was no FA and i always had my dream goals in mind i just couldnt get up and fulfill them :neutral: ) any advice?

You decide what your dream will look like. Concentrate on being able to do something and you will do it.

If you’re stuck in an SP like FA I’d recommend trying to roll out of bed. And if you think you’ve woken up, make sure you RC again!

On a side note, what you described actually sounds more like RCILD :content:. Don’t mind me, just being picky :razz:

Well actually it is unintentional WBTB:
my morning schedule consists of returning to bed for 30 minutes for a quick rest 10 minutes after i leaving it ^^ sometimes when im very sleepy i fall asleep again but I always manage to wake up and get to school somehow.

Well I’m still in training :razz:

Just keep trying, you will do it. :smile:

“There is no trying. Do, or do not!” -Yoda