Problems with the Recalling of a dream

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Hello, I used to have a Dream Recall :read: short ago, but I lost it. After that I put my mind of Lucidity for a while… And now I’m intrested in it again. But when I try to remember my dreams it’s even getting worser then it was before…:meh:

I hardly can remember anything and most of the time I just have the feeling I didn’t even dream. Back then, I knew I was, but now it’s seems to be alot harder.
I use to do a sort of self-hypnosys. I can’t do things like WBTB because I have to go to School. ( I’m don’t have a stressfull life )

Everything goes good, I’m relaxed, I say to my self to remember my dream.
Fall asleep, and then I don’t remember. :sad: Please help me.

i can’t tell where the problem is, but maybe the recall got better in the meantime (~1 month) if not, i would say maybe it helps not trying so hard… or trying harder… and i would recommend you to make wbtb, it might help and school is not a big problem, i’m going to school, make wbtb and i’m still alive :wink:

You have to tell yourself you did dream something just minutes ago (which is absolutely true, period), and that you can remember it, just like you can remember what you were doing 5 minutes ago IWL.I can wake up aswell not remembering any dreams, but just by being confident and laying in the position I woke up from, all the scenes come to me by themselves. You just have to be confident, and try a little :wink:
Besides, to improve your memory, you could use some of the exercises developed in the daily part of the Dream control training course, particularly the “Retrace your thoughts, retrace your day” one. Good luck to you. :smile:

Thanks for the Feedback.
But it’s a bit outdated, my recall isn’t that problem anymore. :smile:
I think I was suprised I couldn’t remember a single part after those amazing recalling. :meh:
Ah, well. It’s built up to good now… I think Mods could Lock this thread.