Problems with visual clarity while Lucid

After practicing and thinking about lucid dreaming for a couple of months I have started having semi-regular LD’s. I have had four since November 18, which is about one a week.

In my very first LD I experienced amazing visual clarity. It was like emerging from a tunnel into the real world. But in every LD since the visuals have been very obscure and disappointing. I can feel my body, but I can’t see properly.

The last two dreams were particularly frustrating. In both dreams a strange white light got into my eyes and made it impossible to see anything. The first time it happened after I closed my eyes while trying to change a pig into a man. The second time I was running into darkness and I wanted everything to get brighter.

Does anyone have any advice that could help increase the vividness and visual clarity of my dreams, or is it simply a matter of experience and practice? I tried shouting, “increase lucidity” or “lucidity x1000” and that didn’t seem to help very much. I also tried spinning and that got rid of the white light, but I lost lucidity in the process.

I am happy to continue practicing and will try spinning again, I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced similar problems and could offer any helpful advice.

Yeah, it’ll get better with experience :good: . This is what i do: If you need the dream to become clearer, focus on something. For example, I stared at a coffee table in a dream once and focused on it. I saw all the grains of wood, the shine of the polish, ect… it got really clear. I looked around and everything else was great. :woo: So find something to focus on, pay attention to the details. Tell me how it works for you!
Also a question: When you LD and it was unclear, were you sleeping late in the morning? Because my dreams get real unclear and fuzzy because it’s late in the morning and my body is trying to wake up…

I sleep about ten hours or more quite often :razz: I can’t remember exactly when in the night it was but I usually sleep from 3am to about 1pm give or take an hour on either side. So it’s quite possible it was late in the day…

Like everything, it will get better with practice.

What you should do is imagine yourself having LDs with the perfect clarity.

Don’t go to bed thinking about your last LD, how unclear it was etc…

Focus on what you want to achieve only.

And inside the dream, just try to relax, you can shout if you want to but you can whisper it in your mind and itll work just as well. More important than saying it is picturing how you’re already there.

Hope this helps

Ive had one since that was a lot clearer. One thing I’m trying to focus on is slowing down and enjoying the dream a bit more. Just checking stuff out.

I tend to run around frantically trying to experience as much as I can before the dream fades. :razz:

that’s surely causing you problems.

Its very good that you decided to take it easy.

Running around frantically suggests that your dream won’t last long…