Problems with WBTB and MILD

Hey, I’m new to LD4all and this is my first post, so far had a great time browsing through all this amazing content. Anyway back to what I needed to clarify/get help with.

I’ve been trying to LD for about half a year or more, I’ve tried lots of techniques that I personalise and try to change to fit my needs. Anyway, with WBTB’s and using MILD technique. I can utilise mantras quite effectively to wake my self up at a specific time (The time I wake up can be quite accurate to what I was aiming for, but sometimes may be off by up to 2 hours). How ever when I wake up at the time I specified I do not move, not even my eyes I stay completely still and relaxed and try to re-enter my dream. I start to feel my dream coming on but them when I feel a swaying feeling and a feeling of falling into my dream, It just stops and I’m yet again fully aware of my body (This has happened to me countless times).

Then I started to use WBTB and MILD (Mantras like: “When I dream, I will become lucid” or “When I dream, I will realise that I am dreaming”.) I put meaning into these mantras, yet even when I combine it with WBTB, it just doesn’t seem to work, I either wake up from the dream so I remember most the elements of it OR I just can’t fall back asleep after I repeat my chosen mantra, and then have trouble sleeping the whole night.

Is there something I may be doing wrong, or is there any tips that you guys/girls may provide to me? Oh, and WILD doesn’t work for me at all, I get to the stage my legs and arms feel slightly heavy and it doesn’t progress at all (I realised WILD is a difficult technique. that’s why I have left it for other techniques).

Thank you, hopefully I will get closer and closer to getting my first LD :content:

P.S. I am very determined to have a LD that’s why I haven’t given up and it’s been over half a year!

Hy Mikus, welcome to the forum!

This is DEILD, a very powerful technique if you don’t have a problem with transition from waking state into dream state. Well my thought is that even though you wake up for WBTB and you are not moving and you don’t wake yourself up to much but you are still putting to much effort on sensations. They should be just observed and sometimes played with, if you understand…

In my opinion you have 2 options:

1st: you can observe HH if you experience them and try to let the dream to “form” around you, to step into the dream.


2nd which I prefer and it’s working almost perfectly: you can let yourself to fall asleep when you:

Because you are just a second away from falling asleep and if you keep high awareness to that point and then just let yourself fall asleep consciously in that particular moment you will be in a dream next second.

Don’t misunderstand that with just falling asleep. This needs to be made as conscious decision.

Here’s the scenario: You are in your bed and you are just awoken from a dream. You are laying still and you are starting to feel those body sensations that you described then you tell yourself: Now I will fall asleep and next second be in a dream. Then sensation of falling will intensify even more and the next thing you see is a dream.

About MILD. Well I don’t have much success with it because MILD isn’t just about saying mantra, even if you feel that you put a meaning into one. MILD is a lot about training your mnemonic memory[which in MILD M stands for mnemonic] and preparing yourself through the day on possible scenarios. MILD is in this sense harder for me then WILD, it takes much more factors in it then WILD or DEILD or such techniques.

But it’s worth of training yourself. MILD is a powerful technique…

Good luck! :content:

Thank you for a very detailed reply, I will try tonight and utilise your suggestions. I shall report my experience tomorrow and hopefully I will be that one step closer to a LD, thanks again.
More suggestions are welcome from others too!


Well I tried again, and I did not achieve any results, I get the swaying feeling and a feeling of darkness closing on me, I stay calm and relaxed, yet it just suddenly goes away and I find myself fully awake.
This is rather frustrating, as I cannot seem to break this barrier. I will try again tonight but I will utilise the SILD method, but I still have a problem with WBTB because after I wake up I seem to have trouble going back to sleep, it takes me quite some time to go back to sleep.
I have no idea what I’m doing wrong… :confused:


How long do you stay awake for WBTB?! I’m usually awake only 5 - 10 minutes and sometimes even that can be too much. Try reducing the time you stay awake.

Like I said if you don’t have success with HH becoming a dream when you get that feeling try to fall asleep, that instant. Because I had the same issue as you have. I was laying in bed every time I tried that and I would always get to the same point and after that like I brake that feeling and I was awake even more then when I went to bed.

It’s hard for me too, to let the dream form from HH. If you are afraid that you will waste an attempt because falling asleep trust me you will not. You may not get results on first attempt but let’s say give it a week and see your final results then.

If you ask me why this should work here’s my explanation:

Let’s say for the sake of the argument that we only dream in REM sleep which we don’t but statistics say that 90% of the dreams we remember are dreamt in REM sleep. So in order to enter REM sleep therefore dream we need to fall asleep eventually, right? If your answer is yes then this is not so complicated any more. You stay awake for some time and you are only a peek from falling asleep and letting your body to fall asleep but then you just become more awake. That means that you didn’t let your body to fall asleep fully. If you do, you can dream and you can have lucid dreams.

I think there is no harm if you try it, it works for me, it doesn’t mean that it will work for you too, but if you don’t try you will not know…