Problems with WBTB

WBTB has never failed to get me a lucid dream, but it always has been through FAs tons and tons of FAs. Recently I noticed going straight into a dream from trying to fall asleep. I don’t even think I’m entering SP. I decided to try and become lucid from this by keeping my hand on my nose and doing a RC every one minute, I notice im dreaming and the second I move I lose it. It is very hard to tell if im dreaming or not because Ill be doing what I was doing a few seconds ago. Am I doing RCs to often? Should I put more time inbetween them, like count to 500 and do a RC? I had around 5 of these last night.

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During WBTB I don’t think I ever enter SP I am also constantly drifting in and out of dreams, but I am not sure if they are FA’s maybe I should do RC’s every time I wake up from another dream. T_T But in a post I just did, sometimes these dreams I am drifting in and out of don’t feel that real sometimes. ugh…Now i just feel i’m holding myself back by saying that. lol :slight_smile:

But as far as advice goes, I havn’t got a clue. :eh: I will keep a watch on this topic and see the masters at work.

If you have a FA each time you recognize you’re dreaming, you should take it more lightly, doing things with a slower pace, and keeping more passively aware of the conditions in the process, but that often comes as a result of your decreased pace. When you do a RC, take also time to be more aware of your surroundings, so you’ll reinforce the dreams and you’ll be more anchored to it. Also, try and be prepared emotional-wise for when it will be a dream, so instead of your excitement throwing you into a FA, you get to stay there :smile: Good luck with your next WBTB’s! :content:

I don’t mean when I become lucid and then wake into a FA I just have FA’s that I usualy become lucid in (Dont have a problem with that =P). Also When im trying to fall asleep I notice I cant and I do a rc i realize im dreaming, but I dont even remember falling asleep, like I go straight into the dream, thinking the same exact thing as before, but I dont think I have SP when in thous dreams, because anything but extreamy small movments wake me up into RL. Is there anything I can do? How do I know if SP kicking in if im dreaming. Should I just imagin myself moving instead of trying to do it and making my eyelids translucent or something until i’m sure I can move safly