Problems with WILD!

Im almost new to LD but ive tried WILD for some times and had some problems. I tried the relax->focus on breath… -method. I also listened to music because my neighbours are a bit noisy. Here is what i felt:
First everything went alright, after some time the feeling of pressure on my bed went away and i felt i was floating a bit. suddenly my eyelids moved around wild and my eyes “tried to open” a bit. but the problem is that i dont feel this tingling or the vibrations everybody is talking about. i just lay there and…nothing. after about an hour when this floating sensation went up, i tried to WILD. i thought of standing next to my bed but nothing happened. Then i tried to roll out of my body and fell out of my bed (real).

What do i make wrong or where do i have to WILD???

Thx for every help

ps: my english is very bad - i am from europa - sorry :smile:

well…i dont know anything about wilds…i cant get them right either…but up the top of the “Quest for Lucidity” forum, (the one we’re in) there is a huge topic on WILDing…
check that out :smile: see if that is any help
good luck :content:

The big WILD topic part 1 can be found at:

The big WILD topic part 2 can be found at: