programmers/scriptors, lend me your thoughts

i cant program or script to save my life :grin: but i really find programming and scripting really interesting and cool, well mainly cause i use bots in games and stuff
but that’s where it started, and i found my self thinking…
i posted this on a actual scripting site…but the site has alot of young people on it thus they couldnt understand me…just like scripting to me i guess lol…
anyway, i had this amazing thought…could you script in a lucid dream? you know? what im saying, maybe you could program some out of the world crap in lucid dreams… i dont know how to script, thus i wouldnt know where you would begin… cause the brain/mind is always decoding and incoding… i just thought being lucid might give you some sorta leverage over other codes and stuff… anyone follow me? :eh:

being an avid batch, javascript, css, and html programmer myself, i find the notion interesting. Do you mean summoning a computer and, for example, typing into maybe command prompt: “generate city” and then press enter, and the computer would create a city?

i doubt you would even need a comp! lol
you could just bring up the symbols in a flash by thinking about them:D
paint the backgroup with them… its all in ur mind :happy: i once did opened a sorta VR screen thingy once, mayb e that would work:P
ahh i wasnt quite talking about summoning, actually creating codes and bringing them back into real world

Well practicing programming in a LD sure could be interesting, although I think you really need alot of lucidity level/mastering because I’m sure compilers inside LDs are very crazy :razz: and far from ‘‘accurate’’, but well I guess ‘‘accurate’’ could be very subjective when it comes to dreaming! :happy:

I’m a programmer, and I think it would be possible to do programming in a dream. It’s not that hard really, and if you do it a lot over a short period of time it can consume your thoughts. (Much in the same way that playing tetris a lot can get you thinking about rotating blocks all the time.)

I don’t know why you would want to do anything like that in a dream, though!

I’ve also had some experience in thinking about math problems while dreaming… Occasionally I’ve discovered that I do think quite clearly in some situations.