Progress Pt. 1

This forum is for people who want to check and blog about their daily progress down the “Yellow Brick Road” that is lucid dreaming…

So check it out, My names Zack, and I am probably 1 week deep into this whole Lucid dreaming after taking a 6 year vaca due to ignorance… And I’d have to say I think I am making wonderful progress.

1st Night- Eh hard to tell not to much improvement but eagerness grew
2nd Night- Deeper down the “Rabbit Hole”
3rd Night- Remembered my first fragment of a dream plus it’s connection and feel
I have taken something away from that dream
4th Night- Could picture a whole scene… :grin:
5th Night- Recalled more than I have in the past 3 months. Everything from the
girl and a kiss, to europe and a cigar shop. I vividly remember having to
go back for an ID where I just seemed to bounce through lands and
time… no way Europe is that close to our US… Whoa it was weird :woo:

Tell me whatchu think, share your experiences. What’s goin on in YOUR reality every night???

Well Zack, first off, its probably been about a year or two since I first started LDing (have had at least a hundred)

I remember the first time that I had an LD and didn’t know what it meant. I googled ‘controlling your dreams’ and thats how I got here. I usually use the MILD technique and it only works if I have enough sleep so keep that in mind.

What kind of techniques are you trying out to become lucid?