Progress to lucidity, suggestions?

I’m new to the forum and I’m glad I finally registered, I have been reading the site for awhile. Long story short, I’ve been keeping a DJ and doing RC’s consistently for a little over a week. My dreams have already become more vivid and my recall has greatly improved. I have yet to have an LD, but here’s the weird part. I have false awakening’s a lot and it seems as though I realize i’m dreaming but do not enter lucidity. The strangest was last night, I was in a dream and I did an RC. I looked at my watch, the time was normal, when I looked back the time was still normal and unchanged, therefore not triggering my mind into realizing I was dreaming, although I distinctly remembered this happening after I woke up. This doesn’t coincide with my research on clocks in dreams. any input? I should also add that In the same dream sequence I woke up in my bed, in my dream, walked downstairs to meet some friends, that’s when I checked my watch, the friends left and I went back to bed and fell asleep, then when I seemed to have fallen asleep in my dream, I woke up in real life. :confused:

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Dream signs are highly personal. The time changing is a quite common one, but not all have the same signs. Maybe you need a different RC. If those false awakenings happen often, it could be a good idea to always RC after waking. I draw a circle in the air and see if it glows. Other versions of things that are impossible in real life might work as well.

Sweet dreams and good luck!


I’ll try switching up my RC, I have a couple, one other is one I found on a “how to” website, where the say to draw an “A” on your hand. I did this so that throughout the day I constantly notice it and do an RC. Hopefully this carries over into my dreams.

Here is a technique that works for me. Before you go to bed drink one liter of water. You should wake up after a couple of rem cycles. You are naturally waking up which is much more plrasant than by alarm. Go to the restroom then go back to bed. As u are falling asleep visualize your dream and hopefully u will be in a dream. U should be able to recognize the dream if not oh well u can aleays try again. Hope this helped.

Ah yes, UILD (yes, it actually has a name). The only drawback is that getting out of bed can wake some people up too much. For instance, if I move or get out of bed, I have a hard time falling asleep. Keep trying things out, play around, and eventually you’ll find something that’ll work for you :cool:

I’m getting very close! Last night I had the most vivid dream I’ve had in a long time. I was reading something on a wall somewhere and the numbers letters were going crazy. I thought it was weird but kept on going on my way. Then a random phone on the wall started ringing so I picked it up and some lady on the other end of the line says, “Your having a Lucid Dream why do you think that sign kept changing” to which I replied “No i’m not” and hung up. Apparently i’m the most stubborn dreamer ever.

This legitimately had me chuckling. “No I’m not” :woo:

Back to OP, I woke up today (right now) to do WBTB and as soon as I woke up, I did the reality check where you plug your nose and try to breathe in. It didn’t work, so I tried seeing if I could look at my hands with detail, which I could, so I got up and all was dandy :smile: Do these( or other RQ) every time you wake-up to get over your false awakenings, keep a sign next to your bed to remember :smile:

hey there i am very lucky i have been making r.c for 4 days now and i had my first lucid dream within 2 days of r.c’s but as soon as i relised i was dreaming i woke up Damm!!! Is this normal. Maybe because i realised i was dreaming as soon as i saw it.

I was looking through a pair of binoculars at a pigeon on a lampost outside my brothers room! :smile:

One of the most successful lucid dreaming techniques is the Wake Back to Bed or WBTB technique. To use this technique, you simply go to bed at your normal time, but instead of getting up when you usually do, set your alarm or have someone wake you up an hour before you normally do. When awake, get out of bed. Stay awake for at least twenty minutes, up to an hour. You want yourself to become alert. Then return to bed and allow yourself to fall back to sleep. This method delays your REM sleep cycle that usually occurs at this time. When you do fall back to sleep, your mind enters into its REM cycle, but because you were alert only a short time ago, you will not be sleeping as deeply and will have a much better chance of being aware you are dreaming – and experience a lucid dream state.

Source : … ers-guide/

I’m glad this post got some attention! Everyone’s responses and suggested techniques are great and I’ve heard of them all. I haven’t found a successful technique yet, but I am very optimistic about DILD. Over the past 8 days, which is how far I’m into my quest for lucidity, my dream recall and dream vividness has not only improved but basically multiplied. My dreams have become ever so vivid and I remember almost everything. I have a very very detailed dream journal, which includes side journals ( I use Evernote to type up my dream notes later in the day), which has helped a ton, and it’s fun! Based on this I believe it will become natural, very soon, for me to recognize one of my dream signs and perform an RC while in my dream state. I would like to dive into the WBTB method, I tried twice but both times fell back asleep to fast. I haven’t had an a full on LD yet, but I believe I may have achieved a low level of lucidity last night. I was aware of all my surroundings and it was like I knew it was a dream, without knowing, if that makes sense. I was even making suggestions and simple choices, rather than just following along with the scenario. It was super vivid and I remember almost everything. I’m still open to more suggestions and input, I would love to here from you guys!

Doing WBTB so late sounds like a bad idea to me, and if you wake up an hour before you get up, and stay up for an hour, then won’t you be getting up anyway?! :confused:

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an hour after you first go to sleep, and the times you stay awake will change from person to person. I actually recommend 4-6 hours after first going to bed. For myself, I just wake up and go right back to sleep, I don’t even exit the bed. Others would fall asleep too quickly and not be able to concentrate if they tried that short of a time. For people who fall asleep quickly, staying up for an hour while concentrating on LD’s can be the best solution. You just have to play with the variables.

I was thinking the same thing haha

you can check with different possibility… you need to check with your daily habits and all it just gives you ruff idea about techniques…

This kind of goes with along with what ISmackFools321 said about visualizing yourself dreaming. I have had good success with WILD, and while slowly falling asleep, repeating in my head:

“I’m going to dream,
I’m in a dream,
I know I’m dreaming.”

You just have to actually imagine and believe it :wink: