So, I know this site has been in operation for a number of years and there is much to explore. I was wondering, however, if the members of ld4all have reached a consensus on what the most effective method for attaining lucidity (awareness, dream recognition) is? Is it really that elusive and obscure? I know that I have been brainstorming it for over 20 years and have not reached any definitive conclusions, but you would think that hundreds of people collaborating for a very long time would arrive at something tangible. I mean, the whole forum is dedicated toward one thing: lucid dreaming. Is anyone here considered to be somewhat of an expert?

I will not talk in someones else name but from my own experience you have 3 main “problems”.

  1. becoming lucid
  2. maintaining lucidity
  3. doing stuff when being lucid

So combining this problems you get many different dreamers. Natural dreamers usually don’t have problem with becoming lucid and maintaining lucidity but the whole experience and the process is usually on somewhat “automatic mode” from my understanding. Of course there are certainly dreamers that don’t have problem with any of these “problems”.

The best method for attaining lucidity doesn’t exist. At least not the one that would work the same for you as it would work for me… That’s the main problem, it’s to much of a subjective nature this whole dream and lucid dreaming theme that’s why you can’t seek from someone else to give you the ultimate technique. When you learn and learn then you will take advice from different types of dreamers and you will at the end come out with your type of technique which will not work for someone that you will tech…

And then again the biggest problem that I consider to be is the way of living. We simply do not put enough importance in this subject. We do try but it’s not comparable to those that dedicate their lives to lucid living. But I will say that this is also a lot what we put into this because it changes us a lot, it makes us better which makes others better…

With regards to your 3 problems, I have 5 phases which I call the TAINs:

ATTAIN awareness
SUSTAIN sleep zzz…
CONTAIN the content
OBTAIN the objective
MAINTAIN the mission
-keep doing reality checks!

I wasn’t suggesting that there was an ultimate method for everyone, I was looking for a general consensus among the population. I was mainly referring to the ATTAIN phase (first things first). With greater frequency of getting lucid, it would seem that the rest of the steps would follow somewhat naturally.

Yes, you made it more detailed.

Well it is logical what you say about attaining lucidity and others steps would follow but from my experience and what I was reading it isn’t like that generally looking. Like I said some people don’t have problem with becoming lucid but with steps that follow, then again you have dreamers that when they do become lucid they can do amazing things with no trouble but their frequency of becoming lucid is very low and they have a hard time staying lucid…

It’s very complex. Just to many factors are in the play to summarize it. When I would talk to people about LD’ing there is always back and forth, back and forth because everything is so connected and then again interlaced, if you know what I mean?! :smile:

Yeah I’m one of the infrequent but powerful types. I was thinking though that if I could attain lucidity on a nightly basis then the other steps shouldn’t be too hard.

…watching new x-men movie now.

Btw just watched trailer for thousand time.

And now I’m jelaus! :smile:

Btw just watched trailer for thousand time.

And now I’m jelaus! :smile:

I really enjoyed x-men, it was inspiring. And I really don’t care for the time travel theme, but this was pretty good. I’m not too familiar with the original storyline, but one of the complaints about the movie was that they took too many liberties and changed stuff.

So what are you waiting for? Can you not afford the movie? Just go out to the corner of Wal-Mart with a cardboard sign… That’s what I did! :happy:

I was joking of course about begging for movie admission, although I like the fact that it’s an original idea. But the funny thing is, if you could harness your dreams and actually do something beneficial for society (such as provide reliable information), it could be quite profitable. My reasons are more altruistic, however, but it helps to think outside of the box and keep coming up with ideas.

I didn’t want to post before I watched the movie and I did watched it yesterday. The movie was awesome, everything about it was awesome, the story, act, visuals and so on and on… I love it.

Yeah, I think I am going to see it again when it comes to the bargain matinee (I don’t normally see movies twice, but as you said it was really good). What they did with Quicksilver was fascinating, a true work of art. And after seeing Hugh Jackman in that 1973 bedroom scene, I realized he could make a great Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood).

the only best method is what works for you. everyone is different in ways enough to make them operate differently. some people are creative, some people are logical, some people are more aware than others. some others have more attention. there’s just too many different things that are different in people.