Are dreams projected on the backs of our eyelids? I just read a post about light on the eyes making a dream brighter. That lead me to the impression that dreams are played on the inside of our eyelids. I never really thought about it before now. I wonder if there is something special about our eyelids. I geuss I always assumed they took place deep in our mind.

How would they be projected? It all happens in the mind. I suppose somehow the bright light combines with the “mind’s eye” of the dream and makes it brighter.

Interesting thought. I would say that it doesn’t but thats just my thought.
If it did how could we see images in day dreams with our eyes open.

It isn’t really projection.

Dreams are hallucinations. Our brains get so active that they actually begin to hallucinate

To put it simply, no. They are made up all by the mind. :happy:

Hehe, that’d be great though. My teachers wouldn’t have to use the overhead anymore, they could just stand in front of a screen and visualize.