Prophetic dreams and Awakenings

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 11, which is typically really rare to be diagnosed with at such and age and still have it at age 18. I never knew why exactly except that I heard voices and saw things. The reasons I gave myself for not being schizophrenic is because I did not always see or hear bad things even if off medication. Certain voices would come through during the day, what they said was never clear, but on rare occasions I would hear them say certain things like “not that one again” and it never made any sense to what was happening around me. When the bad voices came through I was usually daydreaming or thinking outside of the box they would tell me that I couldn’t do this “out side the box thinking”.

The connection between my schizophrenia and my dreams and Psychic awareness are unusual for the reason that I didn’t always hear the voices or see things that were bad. There were times where extraordinary things happened in my dreams during my schizophrenic episodes.

Something about psychosis, dreams, and psychic messages deeply resemble but I can’t figure out what.

More about my Psychic experiences

I gained most of this ability/illness after my uncle had passed away. I would have visions during the day one in particular was when I was with my grandmother who happens to channel or use energy/feelings to remotely receive messages from spirits/people/loved ones and such. I asked her, “when my uncle died were all the doors left open and all the lights on in the house except for the dining room light.” she looked at me weird and said “yeah…” and then kind of spaced out.

I’d also have visions/dreams about people who I had not yet encountered but now have. These people usually have small children between the ages of 1-4. I dreamed that this one Latino lady showed up wearing a blue sweatshirt, she was very detailed I can recall how she looks to the very detail of her facial figure and look. About six years later I saw this lady at the store she was wearing the same thing and she had a little boy who started screaming at me like I was scary or something.

I also had a 2-1 dream. About 2004 I had this dream. There was this little girl in the dream. She had two appearances. The first girl was friendly and had light brown hair pulled into a pony tail. I saw how she looked and was if I were to meet here in person,friendly. The second little girl was more shy, she was wearing a pink shirt, and blue denim jeans. She had auburn hair. She was younger, I could tell because she was barely walking. They both had blue eyes. I was viewing the dream from a upper angle from a slanted point of view but not bird’s eye. I remember wearing a white color. (there is more detail to this dream I just described the most vivid parts) I woke up, I wanted to tell my mom but I knew she wouldn’t remember, she never does keep record of my dreams. About two months later I saw the first little girl in a restaurant. Just like the first little girl in the dream she had light brown hair put into a pony tail, blue eyes, she was very friendly towards me and even waved at me. She looked the first appeared little girl in the dream. This part stuns me. It was about five years later I saw the second little girl. She was little, about one years old. At the time I had the dream she wasn’t even conceived. My teacher had brought her to school one day, 7 years later, and I got to see her when I first walked into the classroom. She had auburn hair, she was barely walking, and she was wearing the same color shirt and pants. The funny thing about this was that I was about to ditch school but something that morning got me up…

These are not the only dreams I have had the have occurred in some motion.

I have deja vu 5-6 times a day. I have a very vivid imagination to the point to where I can visualize rainbows and see them clearly, not in appearance but as if it where a spirit. I’m not scared of my experiences but I can only question if I am a just crazy.

Thoughts, Stories, and advice are welcome. :smile: