Pseudo-lucidity and some other interesting phenomenons

I’ve been experiencing the following:

  1. I had a dream in which I remember myself being lucid and flying in the night sky. BUT - it feels like it was not really me. And why would I say such a thing? Because I was not excited at all. Everything felt normal and I just accepted naturally that fact it was a dream. Sometime I have these dreams in which they way I behave does not remind me of me. A bit tricky to explain.

  2. A long time ago I had dreams in which I was thinking about if I am dreaming, did also RC’s. The RC’s were positive but I still was convinced it was not a dream.

  3. I am having what I call dream flashbacks. Randomly through the day random snapshots from dreams I had, even many years ago, come up in my mind without an apparent trigger. Recently it started happening with normal memories as well.

Any comment will be welcome.

I always tend to become pretty excited when I realize that I’m dreaming, but I have had a few experiences related to some of the other things that you mention, for example:

This has happened to me. That is, I’ll do some sort of reality test, but I either don’t do a very reliable one, or I misinterpret the results. For example in my dreams I often try to fly, whether I’m lucid or not (trying to fly can be a good RC, as long as you don’t jump off any buildings or anything :tongue: ). However, sometimes when I’m successful I just think “Ah, so I can fly!” rather than “I can fly, so I must be dreaming!”

This happens to me as well. Sometimes I remember bits of dreams from years ago. However, they are always fragments from dreams I had written down in an old dream journal. When I don’t write dreams down, I promptly forget them.