Pseudo WILD

I have a question about an odd trick I do, trying to figure out some information in the hopes of recreating the event. a while back i was able to have LDs at will almost for a good couple weeks. it since has completely stopped and i cant do it anymore. QUite depressing. I am trying to understand it so i can do it again though.

I would always attempt to do a WILD. WBTB after 5 or so hours, stay up for and hour to 90 mins, then go back to bed and attempt a WILD.
The weird this is, i would be able to WILD but…
not exactly. Although it is wake induced, it is never when im technically awake. It would start in a false awakening. Id be dreaming of being awake- realize im not in the physical world through RC then enter a dream. Like i could see it start in front of my eyes and its amazing. I could enter a dream.

If it did not start with me in a false awakening it would be me waking up after drifting off for a minute, to find myself in sleep paralysi- er, i mean, REM atonia. And then i could enter the dream that way.

I did this several times almost making a verifiable method out of it. But as i said, doing the same thing, i have the lost the ability to get results.

Can anyone tell me what is going on here?

That sounds like WBTB+doing a reality check while dreaming to become kucid … which is a common technique.

I’d suggest keeping on trying, either with this technique or a different one, even if your initial run of success has slowed down.

Although this may not be good advice, well…

I find that the mind can really interfere sometimes. Once you get a good routine going, the mind says “Oh, but what if it doesn’t work this time, even though it’s never failed me?” And then bam, it doesn’t work. And from there, the mind subtly says, “what if I can’t make it work again?” Sure enough, you start to struggle with the method, and it never really comes back.

This happens to me all the time. What I find works really good to get over it is… well, go to a new technique. There’s the bad advice haha. Give it up and try something else. I find taking up a new technique sort of renews the the brain’s curiosity enough to tamper its doubt. For a while at least.

HOWEVER. I recognize that that is indeed bad advice, as there are only so many methods you can jump around to before you run out. As it happens, I am currently trying a NEW alternative solution to the problem, which is: Just keep at it.
For example. Creating a habit for doing reality checks was super effective for me in the beginning. I started LDing all the time. And then the doubt creeped in, yada yada… And I switched to another technique… Long story short, I’m back to the beginning. I’m sticking with consistent reality checks during the day and setting intentions before bed. I’m not jumping around from technique to technique, and, when I continue to have no lucid dreams, I tell myself that my training now is improving my future LDing skills. Although my recent dry spell from lucid dreaming hasn’t really improved yet, I’m confident it will. I will keep you posted!

In short, don’t give up :wink: