Psycic dreaming!

I dont know, but often I dream weird things and they come true
not really important things=, but last night I dreamt that my friend was eathing skittles, and I came to school… she was eating skittles

2 days ago I dreamt that I was cutting a womans hair with big scissors, later that day I went out to pick some flowers and my neighbour said “ha scissors! You should cut my hair, it’s getting so long!”

It’s just weird, not important things, but interesting!
any thoughts???

also sometimes i do that in real life. My science teacher said, “were going to do an expariment with plasticine”
before he brought it out I KNEW it was blue
this happens with other people too right??? :bored:

This does happen, but if you think of all the times you’ve expected something to happen and it doesn’t and then you think of all the times you got it right you will see that its not such a big deal, if you make 100 guesses at whats going to happen you are bound to get 1 right.

Also you may have seen the blue plasticine before that day, your subconscious may have put it into your head

yeah i dreamt lots of things that came true. From disasters to simply things about where i was going to work (this dream was 4yrs before i left school and at the time i lived no where near that place nor had i ever been there b4)

but yeah i dream stuff like that alot.

On public television here in Massachusetts, they showed a special about a man called the “Amazing Randy,” who’s vocation was exposing people with psychic powers all over the world as frauds. Randy is offering anyone who can prove that they have psychic powers one million dollars. So far no one has come forth to claim the money. Now I am not saying that there are none who possess such powers. Randy is saying that. I personally believe there is and many people have them. But proving it is rather difficult. :content:

to the believer no proof is neccesary, to the none believer no proof is possible.

Thing is these people have no idea how psychic abilities work or truely what the word psychic means. Alot of people think that psychic means to be able to willingly read peoples mind and stuff like that - you know the hollywood rubbish.

Psychic visions generally just happen and are not do at will, so i would really doubt anyone would get the money.

I would like to challenge this randy to prove they DON’T have psychic powers and to make it interesting i’ll put 3millon at stake. I won’t have to pay cos just like there is no 100% proof they are there is no 100% proof there isn’t.

gee now i’m just ranting.


This kind of thing happens to me often.

I find little coincidences/synchronicities relating to my dreams and I think of myself as mildly psychic.

In other words…I believe in psychic phenomena, the existence of spirit, the paranormal, other dimensions, reincarnation, etc…etc…

I have an open mind and I am very aware of other peoples motives and intentions. I see patterns in my life and events unfolding and believe that things happen for a reason. Living life through ‘signs’ and instinct is the only way I would want to live. Most times though, I find that the spontaneous signs are the most trustworthy. Concentrating too much energy on a problem seems to have an opposite effect for me so I find it best to go with the flow.

What fruit was I eating when I typed this?..can anyone tell me?
(just joking!)

Yea I get that sometimes too, and my friends get it too. I think anyone gets these kind of experiences sometimes but they oversee it like: “oh, I guessed right, what a coincidence!” and don’t pay a lot of attention to it.

yes I get this too and I’m sure everyone else but no one pays attention and we forget over time, so it becomes very meaningless. But yea many can just be chance or subconscious. I often pick out words then am forced to read the entire article to see where it came from. :neutral:

realityfailure we must both be eating green apples :alien:

Yeah, it happened to me a lot when I was a kid and still happens to me.

I even dreamt of how I will lose my best friend (which I’d never imagine of losing)… and how it will be like in specific time and in specific details. You guess, it all came true. There is still one more prediction that hasn’t came true yet since 20 years haven’t came for me (I’m currently 18 years old). Geez, it was so… spine-chilling as I watch my future coming true.

Reality Failure: I get a feeling that you’re eating a red coloured fruit. I get first impression of strawberries, but I might be wrong though. :grin: