Pulsing Vibrations, No Paralysis

I am just starting on this adventure and I came across this site. I used a ramp timer a few times in the early morning with the wake back to bed method and had an interesting experience, but it isn’t one I have seen describe.
I start to doze off and the time wakes me up. Soon I start waking up on my own ever few minutes with a light pulsing vibration going through my body. On off, on off. Sort of like a cell phone on vibrate. I get the insane itch near my nose, and ignore it, believing that my body is once again checking if I am awake. If I change my breathing pattern or move, the light vibrations will go away, so they feel like what could be the beginning of sleep paralysis and maybe I’m just not getting in deep enough? This morning I decided to just go with it until it was time to get up for work, and an hour and a half in I was still pulse vibrating. Any ideas? I feel like I am close, just stuck.
I would love any insight you all may have.

Well you are so close that you can’t be closer any more! :content:

Now all you need to do is transformation from waking state into dream state. It is done by various ways. From levitating, sinking into bed, vibrating, rolling over and when doing that you need to imagine you are actually levitating, sinking, vibrating, rolling over into DREAM!

Because when you are passively enjoying the ride(vibrations) you are actually telling your body and the mind that this is the state that you want. So you are not going to fall asleep because you are nurturing that state and that’s why you are stuck.

Believe it or not to dream you need to fall asleep. (Just kidding, I know you know that but usually people forget that, they are so focused on holding awareness so much that they can’t at the end fall asleep and dream) Enter REM sleep. You are in the perfect zone to do that, as I said you can’t be any closer to the LD they you already are. Just one bold step more.

Good luck! :content:

Thank you so much for the response! It is good to hear that I am close! Very encouraging. This is a world I sort of stumbled across so it is all very new and exciting to me. From what I had read I assumed that without paralysis I was missing the mark some how. I will give your suggestions a try and continue my early morning ventures.

I’ll post back as I make progress.
Thanks again!

Don’t rely on SP at all. It is not something that makes you lucid or something that is essential to lucid dream.

SP occurs when we are asleep. When we are in REM sleep(when we dream). It’s job is to paralyze us so we can’t act out of our dreams. Sometimes it might happen that you will found yourself in SP. That is usually by accident because it happens when you wake up but your brain still didn’t recognize the waking state and your body is still paralyzed.

All images, sounds, body sensations that you experience WHEN going to sleep are not SP. They are hypnagogic hallucinations which occur as byproduct of your brain which is preparing to put the body to sleep. There are also hypnapompic hallucinations which occur when waking up. They are sometimes experienced as SP. So many dreamers think that they are in SP but they are only hallucinating. Although when in actual SP hypnapompic hallucinations are very common.

So SP - not important for inducing LD at all. Are there any benefits from experiencing SP consciously(waking up in SP) - YES! I love SP and what it brings. All those altered states of mind I like, they always bring something amazing and interesting…