Will pot have any effect on my dreams :help:

Probably but it wouldn’t be worth it.

Most pot users seems to experience decreased dreamrecall, so it will probably not help much on dreaming :neutral:

I just read a post where some guy wrote that he couldn’t remember any dreams because he gets high every night.

Marijuana inhibits your REM sleep cycle, making it harder to both recall dreams, and obtain lucidity. I’ve heard people discussing the specific effects of the various types (some apparently worse than others), but generally we can say it has a negative effect and will ultimately hinder your progress.

thanks for the help

When it comes to smoking the herb I have one thing to say about it. It affects evrone differently. One may smoke it and have no dreams whiole another smokes and dreams even more. It all depends on the person.
I myself used to smoke it and it didn’t affect my dreams at all.
Actually I would smoke take a shower and go to bed. It would relax me so I would fall asleep faster and most of the time I would have some awesome dreams. So as I said before it all depends on the person.