Question about DCs

I see people talking about creating DCs and making them say stuff to them. Like having a DC tell them that they are dreaming. How do you ‘create’ DCs, and how do you make them do/say things?

The answer to the first quesiton is easy… You just will a DC to appear out of nowhere just like you can make an item/object appear.

The second question i dunno… no experience with that :smile:

I just will a DC to appear, or say ‘there is someone behind me’ and look behind me and there will be someone there. As for the second question, many people find it difficult to ‘make’ their DC’s do things, but it is possable. Some people command them to do things, other less agressive people ask! Neither is sure to work. Sometimes it’s cool just to talk to them, and find out about them, not all is comanding them.

Or Touch them,Caress them,Kiss them,Smell them and Seduce them:)
Not necesarily in this order:)

I’ve never, ever had any success with creating DCs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned around and seen emptiness. No one to touch, caress, kiss, smell, or seduce. I usually have to run around to find a DC to do that to (or for, however you consider it)

An idea I have is to find a mirror and make it fluctuate until a picture of the person you want to summon appears correctly. Then you reach in, grab them, and pull them out or go in yourself.

I consider it for:)
Tried objects tho?:slight_smile:

You just have to do whatever is necessary to convince your mind that you should encounter a DC. Some people find it trivial to turn around and generate any person they desire, others need to apply more substantial tactics.

I find I can usually create the intended character(s) by moving to the appropriate location. At my parents house, I’m likely to see my family. At work, chances are several of the people I work with will be around somewhere. Naturally this doesn’t work too well if I’m trying to meet a character from a game/movie, or someone from real life who I’ve never met in person.

I’ve never had much success at being able to summon DC’s out of thin air, but The easiest way I’ve found is just to walk somewhere until you see people in general, and call out to the DC your trying to summon and won of the people will turn out to be the person you’re trying to find.

As with controlling them, I’ve never had much luck except on a couple of occasions I’ve changed people saying yes to saying no by just by repeating no everytime they say yes.