Question about dream signs

The last few dreams I’ve been recalling seem to have only been remarkable in how non-dreamlike they’ve felt. It’s almost like I’m watching a tv show. For instance, I recalled a dream this morning and journalled it where it appeared I was watching a show about how some pop culture icons have traded “serious art” for mainstream success. One was a singer who was sort-of Mariah Carey (the one in my dream had a feeling like she was more liked - America’s Sweetheart - that sort of thing) and the other was actor Keanu Reeves (I know, I know - don’t start :razz: ). The selection of “artists” notwithstanding, the dream felt entirely believable, even upon recall when I awoke. About the only noteworthy thing I could point to was not having any sense of my body. It was like I was a disembodied observer.

I’ve read that dreamsigns are things about a dream that might suggest that you’re dreaming. Could disembodiment be a sign? If so, does that seem too ethereal to hang something on? That is, if the dream is, in other respects, believable, does a lack of a perceptible body seem too tenuous to use as a dreamsign? It does to me, I guess. I’m still trying to piece that out. I’m not even sure what I’m asking exactly, but I’m curious if this disembodiment is something that others have experience with and if it might be something I can use as a dreamsign. Thanks for any insight.

I think that if you EXPERIENCE the disembodyment. That is . you feel like you have no body and don’t see one and such. Then it’s quite usable as a dreamsign. But for me atleast, when I’m disembodied in a dream it’s more like I’m not in it. I don’t recall a distinc feeling of disembodyment. But I do remember that I was. Since I’m not “in” those dreams I don’t think about myself or wether I have a body. And probably that is part of WHY I don’t have it.
But if you notice that you have no body at any time, you’re probably dreaming.

I think it’s safe to say that at this point, I’m not aware of being dismbodied while in the dream. The idea of being disembodied only occurred to me while I was writing the dream down and trying to decide if there was anything odd about it. It seemed to me that while the content of the dream appeared innocuous enough, my experience observing it had an odd 2d feel to it. The fact that I don’t remember observing my hands or legs added to the sense of it being like a TV show or something.

I would certainly argue that disembodiement is a good dream sign, ask yourself how often you get a feeling like this in real life.

Basically anything can be used as a dreamsign as long as it is something that couldn’t or wouldn’t occur in waking life.