Question about Reality Checks

I recently returned to ld4all, and attempting to lucid dream after a 3 month hiatus. The last time, I tried all different kinds of methods (MILD, WILD, WBTB, etc.) None worked, or I would have had my first LD by now :razz:.

So now I"m trying to do the RC-DILD method. (along with I’m gonna try to FILD/HILD tonight.) I’m wondering what would be good prompts to do an RC. Last time I tried RC’ing, I put “RC” on the inside of my wrist. (the wrist on the same side of your arm as your palm.) and whenever I saw that I RC’d but that only happened like four times in the week I had it there.

So what I’m wondering is, when should I RC?

You should try to Reality Check when something seems out of the ordinary.

You should try and make a habit out of it, but don’t let that habit be something where you do your RC and don’t “check” if you’re dreaming.

What I mean is, there’s a difference between just doing a reality check and forgetting you ever did it, and doing a reality check while questioning if you are actually in a dream. The act of putting meaning behind your checks gives you the incentive to check in a dream.

Hope this helped somewhat, good luck! And welcome back!

I’ve seen the “Whenever you think something is out of the ordinary” thing, but where I live, nothing is EVER out of the ordinary. My days are more or less the same every day.

I also know to put meaning behind my RCs, but I never do them, because I don’t know when to.

Hm…I see…

Personally, I do them when I remember to. There really is no “time” to do a reality check.

You don’t want to put structure to them (for instance, RC exactly every three hours) because that will make them routine, not habit!

You should just keep doing them, whenever you remember, whether you remember every few minutes or only a few times a day.

Since the point of an RC is to check if you’re dreaming, it really doesn’t matter when or how many times you do them.

I hope this helps some, there are a lot of people on this forum who could phrase it a lot better than I can.

the “out of ordinary” it doesn’t have to be nothing drastical, in fact is better if it isn’t.
RC’s don’t work by them self, you really have to question your reality, for tht you nust know that dreams can be realistic as waking life.
now make sure to not ask your self at every time trough
the day, it must be in special ocations, by out of rutinary it can be just something that it shouldn’t had happened, its weird or just out of your rutine, you are training your mind to doubt about reality every time something odd happends and take that habit to the dream state

like example:
-you cut yourself
-you heard/said something senceless
-you steped on dog poo
-lights shuted down
-you met someone new
-you did something you don’t usually do like playing a sport you never did
-a dog attacked you
-and the list goes on, you see? i doesn’t have tobe something dream like, just something out from expected/odd. You must make no limits to this list

every time these things happends you should stop for a second and ask yourself if you are dreaming, how things would look of it was a dream, perform a reality check!
you need to believe that you can be dreaming at any moment! dreams really look so like reality because dreams are based on reality, once you get a lucid dream you will get it

reality checks are useless if you don’t first doubt about reality
so the next time you lose you keys tell yourself “i did lost my keys, OR i could be dreaming!perform reality check” you can never be sure.

if you do it right, it takes some days before the habit reaches your unconcious
next thing you know you will be doing something “out of ordinary” in your dreams, ask your self if you are dreaming amd conffirm with a RC!

i recomend you to search for ADA (all day awareness) in dreamviews (another site like this one) it helps alot!

I RC when I see my dreamsigns. My family, my boyfriend, my old high-school. For me at least, this makes it more of a habit to RC When I see these things in my dream. I also try to RC when I wake up and go to sleep, because I FA a lot. Just RC when you remember to or whenever seems right to you. As long as you do it, the method will have more effectiveness.

Just focus on doing this method for a month or two and seeing if it works for you. Don’t give up after a week or two because you’re not getting results. A couple days ago I had my first LD in years! :content: Don’t give up, I know you can do this.

Good luck!

Welcome back, Tnq. I know a lot of people will say RC at different things, so here’s a few different times you could RC:

  1. As stated above, you can RC anytime something seems out of the ordinary/strange/confusing.
  2. Also stated above, you could RC when you see some of your common dreamsigns.
  3. You could RC two different RC’s at set intervals of the day
  4. RCing at one certain thing (This one is a bit harder because you have to do it with something common, like water or grass or something that’s always in your dream but you wouldn’t think of as a dream sign)

Hope that covers it :razz: Just pick something, stick with it for a month, and then switch when you RC. This will hopefully train your mind to RC at more things. Good luck :tongue:

Thanks everyone for giving me tips. I thought that when people said something out of the ordinary, it meant like suddenly flying in (what you think) is IWL, or your house being suddenly tiny or huge, or even the walls are a different color.

I think I understand now, that it can be just a tiny thing, like a leaf hitting your head randomly, or a rabid raccoon mauling you. :spinning:P)

Thanks for these tips, I’m going to start RC’ing when I wake up, whenever something out of the ordinary happens, (when I find one of my dream signs) when I see a dream sign, and every hour, on the hour (if I rememeber :razz:)

Thanks again!