Question about REM sleep

Hello, me here, been a while since I came here. Life as a high school student (Junior year) has prevented me from coming here and posting often, so sorry. Well anyway, on to the point.

I read somewhere that your body emits some kind of electricity during REM sleep. I don’t know if I read that wrong, because now I can’t find anything on google. Could someone please tell me the name of the phenomenon, if it exists, so I could look more info up on it? It’s a project I’m working on. Thanks.

Oh yeah hi to everyone who remembers me.

emits it from where and to where??

I’ve never heard of this before… Sounds weird… :confused: The only electricity I know off the body emits are the brainwaves which are the results from the neuronal activity of the brain. I did some googling, but found out nothing… :eh:

Ah I must have read it wrong then. Thanks for your help, I asked my doctor yesterday and he didn’t find anything either. Too bad…

Couldn’t it be a kind of superficial voltage on the skin ?

Does Electro-ocular (EOG) activity count? I read somewhere about a device that uses this to detect rem sleep, with a set of electrode pads around the eyes.