Question about sleep paralysis/WILD

I do not know if I believe that to be true. I never seem to have any problem remembering even low level lucid dreams. I just find it hard to believe I could forget a lucid dream.

Well, I know I’ve forgotten lucid dreams. I don’t count them in my DJ or anything, because when I wake up the only I know is that I was lucid. I can’t explain how I know, but I do. I might remember very vaguely an object or two from the dream but that’s it.

I think Milod is right, seems that lucid dreams are stored also in short-term memory and not only the part where dreams are stored (dream memory?). I guess the fact that you are lucid causes this (and the higher lucid the better).

Just few days ago, when waking up, I wondered if I would write my dreams down, cause what I remembered wasn’t interesting. Then I decided to note them… luckily ! When I began to write my dreams, I suddenly remember a lucid dream I had this night ! :smile: I didn’t remember it before, because it ended in a normal dream and I didn’t wake up just after it.
So it’s possible to forget LD’s.

Well, I’ve been keeping a DJ for the last two days. My dreams are extremely strange, they make no sense whatsoever. I don’t know how the hell I don’t figure out I’m not in a dream.

Ok, I have completely failed in attaining any ld’s. I’ve been at this for over a month.

Moreover, I’ve managed to somehow give myself really bad insomnia. It takes me 2 hours to go to sleep every night, and I only stay asleep for 5 or 6 hours before waking up. Once I wake up I can’t go back to sleep.

Anyone experience anything like this? I’m feeling like shit right now, this lucid dreaming crap’s f’ed me up pretty bad…

Seems like you better take a break then, like a few weeks or months perhaps. Too bad about your problems, being fed up with it and becomming insmoniac are for sure not gonne help you get LD’s.

Yes, that is why it is important to develop a habit of critically questioning your reality while awake. I know it seams like a silly exercise to do but, it works. Soon you will find that you question your reality while sleeping and realize you are dreaming.

Yes, that is why it is important to develop a habit of critically questioning your reality while awake. I know it seams like a silly exercise to do but, it works. Soon you will find that you question your reality while sleeping and realize you are dreaming.

Yes, a break might be a good idea. Frustration is a huge barrier to success with lucid dreaming.

Perhaps a change in technique or a refinement of the technique you are currently using might help. Forgive my poor memory if you already said so, but what technique do you use to lucid dream?

I was trying WILD in the beginning. Then I tried MILD, and now I’m not trying anything as I’m taking a break from LD’s…

A break might be helpful to you right now. If you do not mind a suggestion, keep up with your dream journal even during the break. I believe it will be a benefit to you when you start to practice induction techniques again.

Good luck. :smile:

Hmmm, I’m gonna try and WILD again.

Could anyone tell me how long it usually takes to go from being awake to entering a dream when doing WILD?

It depends on a lot of different factors.

Depending on when you do WILD and how skilled you are with the technique, it can take anywhere from seconds to hours.

How long does it take you personally?

When I do WBTB/WILD it usually only takes a few minutes.

When I do WILD at bed time it still takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, mostly because of my insomnia i think.

I see. Hmmm, well I was having a very interesting night last night.

I kept waking up every 20 minutes or so, and then when I went back to sleep I went straight into dreams for another 20 minutes and the whole process repeated itself.

But the really interesting thing about that is that in a few of the dreams I just spontaneously thought to myself “I"m dreaming” and ended up losing the dream.

Has anyone had this happen before? Where you just spontaneously realize that you’re dreaming without any RC’s critical thinking etc…?

I didn’t get any LD’s out of this experience but I was very close, so I guess this is a pretty encouraging development.

That is how all my DILD/MILD work. I have almost never become lucid from a dream sign or RC. I would just feel I am dreaming.

i say that the best way to enter a WILD is to use the WBTB technique. this makes it that the REM stage is closer so you will be able to go int a WILd easier.

Pertaining to the second post of this forum, someting to concentrate on when you are trying to let go of conciousness is to put a fan in your room where you sleep… it makes a great white noise and is something to focus on, it works for me eventhough ive never actually entered a WILD… still working on it (if anyone has help, please post another reply or e-mail me on WILD’s) ive only been able to get to the relaxation stage befor i give up… message… :help:

Your white-noise generator could be an interesting idea. It’s a technique used in the Ganzfeld experiments, in parapsychology, in order to enter into hypnagogic state.

yeah, i also really cant go to sleep without a fan on because i have had one in my room ever since i was a baby, it really helps me fall asleep and to lucidly dream :content: go ahead and try it!