Question about something from the movie waking life

I got a question. In the movie waking life this guy on a bridge(can’t remember his name) but he said that people that adventure in the dream world is called _______. What are they called. Thanks.

was it “oneironauts”?? … vitch.html

this is that character’s whole speech. mad guy by the way! :content:

i think that movie lacked the feel that lucid dreams have. i wonder if the s/he who made it has ever had a ld

The guy who wrote/directed it was Linklater, the guy who did Before Sunrise and Dazed and Confused. He has had lucid dreams actually. Rent the DVD sometime and listen to the commentary. Interesting.

I thought the movie was very dreamy. It wasn’t a totally lucid dream that Whiley was having in the movie either… it was only lucid at certain points.

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