Question about something that has to do with intention

If you hold a baseball in your hand over your bed.And it drops every time you get to theta.Will it help your subconscious mind talk with your conscious mind better?And as a result make intention(for psychic development in general) stronger? :help:

Are you laying down and trying to sleep in this scenario? I’m trying to understand your goal a little bit better. There is a method where you leave your arms raised in bed so you hold onto consciousness as you drift to sleep.

I am trying to get an easy way for my subconsciousness to listen to my intentions better.

Got it. I’m not familiar with the method you describe (it might work great - I have just never tried it!). Have you looked into setting an affirmation or mantra with your intention and/or some guided self-hypnosis? I’ve found our subconscious really does listen if we have enough conviction and strong focus.