Question about SP..

Last night I had over 5 FA thanks to alittle bwgen preset but I never got lucid:( here is my question when your in SP is it possible to have auditory hallucinations? it was very confusing cause I remember falling asleep then all the sudden im in SP and I hear the TV on which was off in RL. so I was thinking sense I had so many FA last night it could have been one? or was it really happing and I was just hearing auditory hallucinations?

Oh yes, auditory hallucinations quite often happen in SP! I think you can get hallucinations from all the carnal senses, though the senses of sight, sound and touch are more common in SP. It’s alike the crackling or popping noises you sometimes hear when going into WILD.

Ah… so I was really in SP and it wasnt a dream :happy: thank you for answering my question mystic.
ahhhh! I always hear those poping and crackin noises when im trying a WILD. so this means I must be getting closer :smile: