Question about WILD at night...

If I stay up at night (say, midnight, since that’s what I stay up to most of the time), can I try WILD? Or a better question: would it be successful?

Most likely not, you have not yet been in REM sleep which is where you dream. It is possible but it is very unlikely, your best bet is doing it after sleeping 5-6 hours

Uh, not exactly :neutral: . You actually have shorter REM cycles even in the beginning of sleep, and WILD can be done at any time, it just takes more concentration when done earlier.

The more tired you are, the quicker you fall asleep. The quicker you fall asleep, the easier the WILD attempt. If it’s when you first go to bed it will be more difficult as it can take up to 90 minutes before you hit the first REM cycle. If you’re very tired the cycle comes on a bit quicker. Like Rhett said, waking up about 5 hours later on makes thigns easier because you go into REM almost imediately after falling alseep.

Well I suppose it becomes easier with practise. I have been trying almost every night for a while now and I am definately getting progressively closer each time. Its down to the amount of time it takes for you to figure out your best way of doing WILD too, as I have only recently discovered a certain way that I fall asleep really quickly in oppose to not being able to sleep.

I would say that the more relaxed you are, the easier it is to have a WILD, especially because most REM sleep phases happen from midnight into the early morning. Your body actually falls into deep sleep first, which is not when you dream. When in the morning, you are more relaxed than tired, which makes it more likely for you to enter a WILD much more easily, because if you do it at night, the tiredness would push you into a deeper sleep, helping to prevent WILD from occuring. (Hint: Mind awake, body asleep)

I would say not, or even if you tried, you would have to stay awake for the first deep sleep stage. Also, if you need help with WILD, I would recommend seeing this

All right, badly worded answer. The point I was trying to make is that it is possible, but incredibly difficult. It would take at least 90 minutes of fighting deep sleep (if not much longer) before forcing the first short REM. But, it is possible.

Yeah, I’d agree. It is possible but so difficult one without a whole lot of experience should count it out completely. There are so many easier ways than lying in bed WILD’ing for 120 minutes (Assuming it takes you 30 minutes to enter the real sleeping stage).

I’d suggest MILD instead.

Sorry if this is slightly off topic (felt like posting it :tongue:) but WritersCube says he just lies down and is in a LD in 5 minutes. So or the whole 90 minutes thing can be “changed” or you can learn to have LD’s in nREM sleep? :eh: