??? Question about WILD (i think) ???

Never really tried WILD before because I enver understood it… but i think I have a clue now

Last nightwhen I slept, I got about 7 hours of sleep tops… I woke at 6 to put in my contact lenses, then I ‘rested’ in my bed until 635. I know for a fact I never fell back to sleep but I know I was really close, my cell phones alarm works in 10 min snooze intervals so after about 5 mins of each 10 mins I would start to have these wierd instances and then the alarm would snap me back and id have to hit it to snooze again…

The “instances” i speak of were like states of thought that were so vivid I could practically see myself in them. I would be thinking about stuff (dnt remember what it was now) and it felt like almost a dream, but I remember even without my alarm I was able to think to myself “you gotta get to work soon, stop resting” and i would just get up like nothing was happening.

Are these the supposed gateways to WILD’s ?

That’s great! Yes, what you describe was certainly what is called hypnagogic imagery (HI). They are rather vivid, they often disappear when you notice them. They are the gateways to WILD’s.

I believe that they came so easily and you were so aware of them because you were waking up. That’s why it said that it’s better to practise WILD with WBTB.

And if you don’t understand something, don’t hesitate to ask questions. That’s why this forum is for! :wink:

You were very close to a WILD I think, but WILD may still evade you unless you do a reality check.
The next time you find yourself in this state, a reality check should make you either instantly become lucid, or realise that you are still awake. Most reality checks are designed to work when you are fully into a “conventional” dream with full visuals. What many people don’t realise is that during those times you find yourself in the drifting state you described (while still feeling you are in your room) you have crossed through sleep paralysis and are actually dreaming. The best reality check to do here (in my opinion) is to pinch your nose shut and try to breathe through it. If you find you can breathe through your closed nose you will instantly become lucid so you should get into the habit of performing this check every time you find yourself in the state you described. I promise you that this will make you lucid if you keep it up - it’s the technique I use with most of my WILDS and it really works.