Question about WILD

Hey, I have a question about WILD. Look, yesterday I tried to perform it + WBTB.

When I went to bed after a day (you know, in the evening) I told myself a mantra “I will wake up when the REM phase finish” and I woke up about 0:30 AM (I went to bed about 8.30 PM) and I went to toilet, drank a glass of water and then went to bed again(all took me about 5-10 min).

I started perfomiming WILD. I lied down on my back because I read on this forum that the succesfull WILD depends very much on the position, I decided to start from the position on my back. I did exactly what is written in ‘User-friendly WILD tutorial’ on this forum. But after 30, 40 min nothing happened and I decided to fall asleep normally. (I read that if nothing happens after 30-45 min we should abort it and try another time).

Now my question: Have I done something wrong, that my WILD wasn’t succesfull? Maybe the wrong position, cause I normally fall asleep on my belly? (btw I will try with my belly tonigh)

Thanks guys for any help,

Greetings from Poland!

PS: Don’t understand me wrong. I’m not from these that try one time and are angry that it wasn’t succesfull. I’m just asking because hmm. Trying to perform WILD is hard because you have to wait a long, long time. If you do it wrong no matter how much time you wait, there always will be no succes. That’s why I ask. Thanks.

Ah, yes. WILD tutorials. There’s a few things about WILD you need to understand, mainly that it varies from person to person. The guides give you a general idea of what to do but nothing is set in stone. For one, you don’t need to lay on your back, though this can help inducing SP. For your WBTB, you might try to not get out of bed and immediately try the WILD tech. This can help speed the process up, or you might even be able to do a DEILD. For more info on how to adapt WILD to your own needs, check out this article I wrote a while back. It’s more or less the advice I’d give now.

Making WILD your own

Oh thank you, thank you. I’m now going to read it and give it a try for a week and inform you guys here about the results. Thanks again.