question about wild

So last night I got into sleep paralysis and I stood still and got hallucinations. First time getting those. And let me just say that it is scary/crazy. Usually I dont feel the vibrations and the buzzing sound but I did this time. And I could see my room with my lights on even though the lights were off. And I stood still through them but then It just wore off and I wasnt in sleep paralysis anymore. I was just in my bed again and I didnt feel anything and I could move.
Now that I think of it I didnt do a reality check. I couldve have been in a dream in my room after then effects wore off but I dont think I was.

Anyone can explain what to do once one has the hallucination?
or after we have them. I tried to imagine a dream scene with detail but It didnt work.

It is possible to wait out the vibrations and get into what some people call the “Quiet Zone.”

Sometimes you’ll transition back to a physical focus from sleep paralysis, but sometimes you’ll transition to a non-physical, dream focus.

Usually, I don’t try to wait out the vibrations. Once I feel them, I push “out of my body.” Without using my physical muscles, I reach out and think myself out and up. My favorite technique is to imagine/feel myself rolling out sideways.

However, waiting through the vibrations is a generally good idea and can result in a smoother, more controlled experience.

The trick is to maintain a focus away from the physical body. That’s hard to do in paralysis, because at first sleep paralysis can be alarming and it may trigger a fight-or-flight response.

Visualizing a dream scene is a good way to go, but you can also imagine/feel yourself simply moving out and up into a dream. If you can feel yourself moving independently of your body, it’s easier to maintain a non-physical focus.

Will give it a try, thanks

Thank you for posting that question. And, thanks for that response I will try it too.

Normally, when I feel the vibrations, I am pulled or yanked out of bed versus doing it on my own accord. So, I will definitely try this!!


But pulling your self out of body would be astral projecting which is different fron lucid dreaming although they are very similar in the sence that it happens in the brain. But I havent astral projected before. But will give it a try next time I get the vibrations.

Also do you open your eyes once you get the vibrations… or how do you get your sight?

Sometimes I can seemingly see through my eyelids and sometimes I don’t have any sight. Usually, I don’t worry about getting sight. When the vibrations come on, I focus on pushing up and out of my body.

Some people get sight by imaginarily prying open their eyelids, or thinking “Clarity Now!” or something similar. I find that once I’m twenty feet or so “away from my body” that my vision fades in if I don’t already have it.

…There’s a lot of (mostly useless) debate about whether out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams are the same thing. You may or may not want to get into those debates.

The bottom line is that in sleep paralysis you can enter a non-physical focus in essentially two ways:

(1) you can use movement-based techniques to shift awareness away from physical sensations;

or, (2) you can use visualization-based techniques to shift awareness away from physical sensations.

It’s a matter of personal style and opportunity. If I find myself in sleep paralysis, 9 times out of 10 I choose the first because it works for me.

The vast majority of my lucid dreams are dream-induced. I become aware that I’m dreaming while I’m dreaming. The technique I rely on most for having lucid dreams is relaxing and meditating as I fall asleep. Then, usually, lucidity comes “spontaneously,” which is to say, as a result of me setting up a strong conscious pattern in my brain/mind at the edge of sleep. This works best if I try it at the right moment in my sleep cycle, when I’m about to pass into REM sleep. But I’ve had many NREM lucid dreams too, which entail me floating consciously through nearly black spaces (the Void).

Yes. You’re right- astral projection. I do not open my eyes. It’s strange, I am just able to see, even if it is dark. Because I am usually pulled off my bed (it usually catches me off guard), I do not get a chance to think clearly until I am on my ceiling and then I am pulled straight up into the sky… like outer space. Some sort of way, I am able to see the many stars.

But, I also tend to realize I’m dreaming while I’m dreaming. I have also found that while I’m having a lucid dream, I am able to say someone’s name and a moment later they appear. The strangest thing for me, which is what lead me to this site is that I sometimes dream of things that will happen to me in the future- sort of like deja vu. only small things, like a conversation that I am going to have or a place that I have never been before and then I end up seeing in waking life, etc.

So many interesting avenues in the dream world…


I havent Astral Projected before. But I have felt my astral body when I woke up from a dream in sleep paralysis. When I woke up from the shock, I tried to move my physical body. But i felt some other part of me try to move out of my bed. It felt like my torso, it definetly wasnt physical. I also felt this Rubberbanding feeling that would pull me back. If I continued to try to move I would lose sleep paralysis. Any tips on Moving out of body with moving my Physical Body?