Question: Dreaming while Sedated

Has anyone had a dream while being sedated or “put under”?

I’m having my wisdom teeth out soon and will be put under for the surgery. I’ve just recently had my first lucid dream and was totally aware of myself in bed. I’d hate to have a lucid dream during the surgery and be totally aware of my oral surgeon cutting away at my gums and drilling away at my bones. :blush:

I’d be interested to hear about any dream experiences anyone has had while being sedated. Lucid or not. :grin:

no, never dreamed when I got knocked out, although I was only gased once :wink:

it was when I was really young and I had to get about 3 or 4 teeth taken out.

I remember how weird getting gased was, I lied down, then they put this gas… thingy on my face. And then…

it was weird, I think it seemed almost like water was going on the mask and I felt all weird, but now that I think of it, maybe there actually WAS a liquid on the mask, due to condensation of the gas or something :tongue:

I have only been under the gas once in my youth too. I do not remember anything at all while I was under…I think thats the point (!) but as I was waking, I was talking to what I called ‘fairies’. Must have had something to do with the ultra-bright lights they have shiling into your eyes.

It will be interesting to hear if anything strange happens to you.