Question for Experianced WILDers

Is this a skill that once I practice enough I can master and get a 100% success rate??

I mean Im talking night after night will there ever be a point where It, like most other skills, becomes really easy?

I mean like meditation, it is hard to get at first but Buddhists can get into meditation states extremly easy.

Hi, bvbrandon! When you get the chance, you should introduce yourself here! :wink:

Well, I don’t believe you could ever get a 100% success rate in most things, including achieving LD’s, though I will say that after having a first LD and a second LD, achieving LD’s should become progressively easier.

IMO (and as an inexperianced LDer I could easily be wrong) things of the mind such as meditation and LDing could be brought up to that level or one very close (Ive yet to hear of a practiced meditator suddenly having problems getting in the zone). I dont mean every dream every night is lucid, I mean every lucid attempt is accomplished. I have read a couple people claim this so I was wondering if it is true.

Yes but meditation and Lucid Dreaming are two different things. Meditation is much easier, you simply stay concious.
Lucid dreaming is being concious during your REM cycle. 100% Would not be easy, I’m not going to say someone out there couldn’t, but its unlikely.

It does get easier though, after my first WILD sucess they come more often.

I successfully WILDed on my very first attempt. This was my first LD related experience, and you can read about it in my dream journal.

I try to WILD whenever I get the chance, now; but I have not been able to pull it off since.

You would think that it would be easier once you know what to expect; but apparently it is not.

Ive been able to LD for a number of year through DILD yet never heard of the other ways, hey i never even knew what a lucid dream was. Yet before coming here my LD’s were maybe 1-2 a year if i was lucky and thats only if i remember. Since coming hear and learning a few different techniques and a lot of relaxing :smile: i can achive LD’s on a more regular basis, 100% success rate for many is out of reach its just down to how tailored your mind set is at the time, and how good you are at changing it.

Like you say you find it hard to meditate or but a buddist finds it easy, well you got to remember that a buddiest proberly spent half his waking life practicing meditation.

Yes there seams to be a few people who experience LD every night but one of them would like to stop if i remember correctly (gets bored).

Try it out for a week or two see how it goes.