Question for experts!

Hi everyone,

New user here looking for some insight from lucid dreaming experts. I’m looking to perform some scientific lucid dreaming experiments. Specifically I’m wondering if you can hear sounds from real life in your lucid dreams, like alarm clocks, etc? My goal is to send audio tones to lucid dreamers and record EEG activity to facilitate in-dream communication. Any insight would be helpful[/list]!

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Yes you can hear sounds from waking life in your lucids (LD 's), but I wouldn’t say you will hear sounds from WL every time you dream lucid or not. Often times external sounds will influence your dream for better or worse depending on the sound and what is going on in your dream. A soft chime of an alarm may induce a feeling of tranquility while a loud obnoxious alarm could cause sudden calamity or destabilize the dream. The list of examples could go on…

That might make a decent thread…Sharing times where sounds from IWL have influenced one’s dream…

Another thing to take into account is the likelihood of hearing the sound from WL, not to mention hearing the sound without waking up or destabilizing the dream.
What type of alarm do you plan on using…?[/color]

Thanks for the response. I’m hoping to have advanced lucid dreamers listen to a specific audio clip, like a sound or tone (haven’t decided yet), during the day and repeatedly pair that with a specific set of eye movements. That way, when the tone is played during REM sleep through headphones, hopefully the dreamer will hear it and remember to perform those same eye movements.

As you point out, the sound can’t wake the dreamer or destabilize the dream, but it must be clear enough for the dreamer to hear and recognize. Do you think, for advanced lucid dreamers, with day-training it will be possible to recognize the familiar tone and perform the learned sequence of eye movements in-dream?

Erm, hasn’t this experiment already been performed by Laberge or someone in a lab?

The one thing I find with hearing sounds from outside entering my dreams is that it gets transformed into something else. Like an alarm clock in real life might be a truck reversing in your dream. Something to look out for anyway.

Yes, I think this should be possible.

It might be better to do to have a pair of soumds (A and B), select randomly which sound will be played to the dreamer, and ask them to perform different eye movements depending on which sound was played. (And also use the EEG to confirm that they were asleep when the sound was played).

For me, at least, hearing the real world while I’m asleep isn’t 100^ reliable, so you might need to repeat the sound several times. (ie. randomly choose which sound you’re going to use in a particular session, and then repeat the same sound several times).