Question for lucid dreamers... (How does it feel?)

I haven’t been blessed with a lucid dream yet, so I have a few questions.

When you are lucid dreaming, does it feel like real life? Or does it still have that warped, cartoony feeling a dream has?

That’s all I got right now. I have been wondering about that for a while, now.

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Oh it feels real alright, and not only lucid dreams. You may not realize it, because not all dreams are completely vivid or you can’t remember them in all their glory, but in a dream, lucid or not, it feels completely real.

There are some things that might be strange… for example flying… the one time I flew in a LD it felt really special, a tantalizing, sparkling feeling I have never felt IRL. Only once before I had felt it, when I died in a dream. Then again I never flew on myself or died IRL…

Its just blurry thats all

Some people still find them kind of fuzzy, but for me, they usually feal more real than real life. :grin: Everything is super vivid and it is amazing how creative your mind is. :grin:

Oh my, as if it’s something you can be “blessed” with. Anyone can have one if they want to, really - and if they really work on it. :meh:

Hmm… it’s not like a ND, because in a LD you are conscious of your surroundings and you expect everything to be as IRL (because that’s what you’re used with) so what you expect to happen, mostly happens.

But it still varies. It varies from RL-like-stable-LDs to uncontrollable-semi-lucids. But in a “normal” LD of mine, I’d describe the feeling as “out of the real world”. Yeah, it feels stranger (ofcourse) and it is that feeling of unstabelness - I mean, that feeling that anything can happen.

And, to finish in a … disappointing way (just joking :tongue:), LD’s aren’t as vivid as RL. Nomatter what they say - they just aren’t ! They are dreams ! Only FA’s can be RL-mistakable for some moments, or those so-called “OBE’s” which are supposedly very very short (a bit more than 30 sec ?).

That being said, I wish you luck on your first LD ! :smile:

PS: Oh, apropos luck - another thing: LD frequency isn’t luck !! It is only practice and devotion !! The quality and length are mostly uncontrollable but you’ll get over that too… :wink:

I find that an LD can be as real as you like, provided that you remember to make the effort. Taking the time to concentrate on one’s senses, wondering what one can see, hear, touch etc. in a considered way works wonders for me: the feeling, even when one is already lucid, is like being hit by cold water. Everything becomes very crisp. However, you need to remember to ask yourself what you are feeling, which you can easily forget to do, because no one does it very often in WL either.

I say all that, however, with the proviso that there is one crucial difference from WL: If the tree falls in the forest and you’re not there to hear it, it didn’t make a sound. In fact it didn’t even fall. It’s obvious, but still worth remembering, that all that exists in your dreamworld is what you are concentrating on. That is why so many dreams suffer from a lack of continuity: If you start reading a piece of paper, the table you found it on ceases to exist. And when you look up again, you might well be in a submarine.

 In my newbie opinion, feel free to slap me down, what makes most of my dreams feel so 'unreal' is a sense of disembodiment: I have no proprioception. I have flown and teleported, but never yet felt myself walking. I suppose this is because while awake it never crosses our mind to think about our body, so in dreams the mind simply doesn't bother. Next time you are LDing, ask yourself if you can feel your legs. I wonder if it will help. Touch is a great way to stabilize dreams and sharpen them, I think.

So basically it all improves if you start concentrating. Recently, I found I could read a sheet of paper several times over without any of the words changing. The very reason I started reading it was that although I was very lucid, I didn’t quite want to take a risk yet, because it felt so incredibly real: I was reading it try to check I was dreaming. 'd like to try a dream book soon!
So the more you take the time to stop and think before rushing off to save the universe the more rewarding the experience will be. Taking stock of your senses also makes the dream feel longer because the passage of time becomes more contiguous. At least, that’s my personal experience.

For me they are pretty real, but they can’t be nothing like WL, because once when you’re there you can do whatever you want to do, and when you realize that you’re dreaming, when you realize that you’re in the world where is everything possible, I mean, it’s just indescribable feeling…

So yes, they are different, but in positive way, and I think that this is why dreams are interesting to say at least, just because they are different from WL!


Obviously you have never experienced one that vivid then; because it IS possible, I feel like they are more real than real life most times. AND, since you HAVEN’T had one that vivid, you obviously have no right to say that.

Thanks for the replies. And help from the mods.

Here goes another question. This times it’s about FA’s. Do they seem like real life?
I guess it’s basically the same question I asked before, just on another subject matter.

Thanks again for the help, guys.

of course, when you look back at what happened, there are a few things that don’t add up… but for me, they seem very realistic at the time…
for example, last time I had a LD, I got stuck in a loop of long FAs afterwards and I basically lived my morning over and over (about TWENTY times), until I finally did wake up- but I was so mad and confused that I just layed there for a few more hours trying to “wake up” until I finally came to the conclusion that I was actually awake (as you might’ve guessed, that was my first experience with FAs though; and it was the weekend, so I could just lay there for a while… :tongue:)

The first times i got LD it felt so great, best feeling in my life. Its just not the same now, maybe for me it feels so advanced that i can think better. Because before it felt like a surprise.

It feels brilliant. 13 years later and I still haven’t gotten bored. They feel like being in real life, perhaps moreso, but there’s an indescribable feeling that is present at all times that makes it obvious you’re in a dream and not real life.

Plus for me a sense of adventure as I carry out whatever I planned to do beforehand.

My LD felt super real and clear to me. The experiences and all. And I felt real in it too.

It is an absolutely amazing feeling and I hope you get blessed with an LD soon. I remember my first LD when I was four years-old, that it was one of the most awe inspiring thing I ever experienced.
When you get your first LD, please don’t stop there. Enjoy different techniques and check out the guide to help you GET to a lucid dream.

For me most lucid dreams have felt differently. I remember the first long one felt especially vivid and “like real life.”

But I’ve also had lucid dreams that felt more much weird and unreal, depending on the dream and my focus. My perspective in dreams tends to shift a lot, so that probably has to do with it as well.

Overall though, I feel very free in lucid dreams simply because of the knowledge that I can do whatever I want. Sometimes I choose to just go with the flow of the dream and sometimes I take control.

It felt super real alright. Exactly like virtual reality, experiences and emotions felt real too. Images very clear in my mind as well.

:no: not true, that’s only the part left you can manage to remember, which means your dream recall isn’t very clear. While you’re dreaming though, the feeling is very real and that’s why it’s so hard to become lucid (and also why it’s so great :ok: ).

I agree, that’s why even normal dream can make my day, it doesn’t have to be lucid dream to be good or great as long as it’s vivid and long, in my opinion!


At first they are extremely detailed. I’m often at awe that my brain can create such a visual. But they almost always fade into less detail and then into black. If that doesn’t happen I tend to get distracted and forget that I’m in a dream and lose control.