Question (just read) dreaming and anesthetic

I have problems when in a lucid dream. I realize I am dreaming about 4-5 times a week which I hear is good. The problem is that in every single one of these I wake up instantly. I have had only 1 lucid dream where I was able to try to fly and I couldn’t get off the ground. On friday I am going to get my wisdom teeth removed and I am going to be put to sleep during the procedure. My question is… is it possible to have a dream while being asleep due to the drugs? I am going to see what happens and give it a try because I think this could solve my problem with waking up because I will be unable to wake up. Is there anyone that has tried this during some surgery or had any similar experiences?

If I do manage to have a lucid dream I will have to stay away from anything sexual because it could get a little embarrassing with the doctors in the room…(just an afterthought lol)

Added “dreaming and anesthetic” to the title for clarification. :dragon:

try rubbing your hands, spinning, saying increase lucidity 1000x more, grabbing a object or touching anything. :smile:

I don’t have time to try that, the second I realize that I am dreaming I wake up.

I did try that experiment last year when I had to have an endoscopy. Unfortunately, when I was given the drugs I felt very hazy for a few seconds then everything went black. The next thing I knew the nurse was gently shaking me saying “it was time to wake up.”

I was disappointed I didn’t exerience anything, but that doesn’t mean you won’t. Please let us know what happens after your surgery.

Good Luck!

There was a topic about this posted a while ago: Dreaming during full anesthetic.
Personally I’ve never experienced this.

I just read the other topic and it doesn’t sound like I will have much luck with dreaming but I can still try.

It doesn’t really matter if you can feel something as it is happening because if you don’t remember something after you are done it is like it never happened.


This is exactly what I was thinking when I was going to get my wisdom teeth out.

As soon as the needle was in me, I was thinking “All riiight, let’s see if I can focu-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”.

I was stone cold, OUT OF IT.

If you can concentrate enough to LD while under anesthesia, I congratulate you.

Well, I went in for the surgery at 11:00. It took like 20 minutes total. They hooked me up to all the machines and put the needle in my arm. I was sitting there and I wasn’t feeling tired or drowsy or anything. My eyes were open and I talking to the doctors. The next thing I knew I was being woken up 20 minutes later. I figured talking to the doctors would help me stay awake but I guess not. It was sorta fun trying to walk and I didn’t succeed at all. If the doctors weren’t there holding me up I would have fallen right on my face. It was a fun experience but I didn’t get to dream.

I have only been anesthetized once and I did have a wild time. I had all four wisdom teeth taken out and a part of my jaw removed. I was out for a couple hours. I kept waking up. I could sense the tray of instruments and the doctor and assistant. I knew when they were speaking but it was like the teacher in a Charlie Brown cartoon… “Wah, wwa wah” And every time I started to come to I noticed my left index finger tapping in time to the music playing in the background.

I kept floating in and out of body and at one point I felt pressure on my shoulder and head and then my head snapped to the left and I heard a crunch from inside my jaw and the doc said “got it”. I laughed because I knew what was going on (the doc was splitting a giant tooth that way laying flat/sideways pushing at the roots of another tooth) and there was something humorous about having the experience without any pain. A few seconds after I laughed things went dark. I think they turned up the drip.

I didn’t plan on having a trippy time, but I’d try that again (without the surgery of course).

I never felt any pain through the whole experience, the numbness has worn off and still no pain. It really doesn’t seem like a big deal at all to me. I wish there had been a moment of drowsiness or fuzziness so I would have had a chance to fight it. I didn’t expect it to be instant. I only had to have 3 wisdom teeth removed, I only had 3 total for some reason. The 4th tooth was just missing in the x-rays and there was no evidence that any tooth will ever grow in that spot. I like having all this soft yummy food. Jello, pudding, muffins, cake, ice-cream and a couple other things. I guess there is no easy way to lucid dream using anesthetics. Back to trying every night and hope I don’t wake up.

I have tried LD’ing whilst undergoing an operation before but I don’t think its possible because the anaesthetic puts you into a deep dreamless sleep… so if you were to have an REM stage it would be when the drug has worn off anyway. But you should still give it a go.

Has anyone ever had one during an operation or a surgery where they put you to sleep or give you laughing gas? They usually tell you to relax and try to go to sleep but what would happen if you stay mentally alert while your body gets the affects. Would you experience an OBE?

Ok, so I’m getting my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow after school, and they’ll be putting me completely out (using a general anaesthetic). For some reason, this question bugs me. I know that it’s a bit of a long shot, but is it possible to LD/have dream-related mental activity while under anaesthesia? When I read about it on Wikipedia, it said that EEG readings from natural sleep were pretty much the same as those occuring in people undergoing surgery.

I know that a lot of patients try to fight the sleepiness and fail, but is it possible that they’re just trying too hard, and going at it from the wrong angle? I suppose that I’ll figure it out myself, tomorrow, but I’d love to hear what people think about this, or have experienced themselves.

I don’t know if it’s possible, but the two times I have been under general anaesthetic, it was like a complete black out. and when I woke up, I had no concept of the time that had passed, unlike when I am sleeping.

Yeah, that seemed to be the case today. They used an IV to send it through me, and it came waaaaay too fast for me to try any sort of WILD technique. The stupor that I was in right after I woke up seemed like it would have been really good for LDs; I kinda wasted the opportunity though :sad: . Oh well… it’s the weekend now, and I ought to have plenty of opportunities to try for some more LDs (I’ll probably be a little looped out anyways, given the pain that generally goes along with this sorta thing).

i don’t think you would want to do that anyway. the point of being under is so you don’t feel any of the pain. if you where counsous they wouldn’t you feel the pain, at least until you got to the lucid

Well, the idea was based on the fact that mental activity during natural sleep is supposedly about the same as during anaesthetic. You do bring up an good point; though I don’t always feel the connection between real-life sensations and dream sensations, sometimes the two do mix.

… come to think of it (if the two did coincide), then it could be like being totally aware for the whole operation, but not being able to do anything about it :eek: . I think there’s a movie about this, called Awake.

never saw that movie. but even though i haven’t had a really lucid yet, i know that i my body usually feels what happened in my dream. but it never actually hurts if something hurt me in the dream

I had the same procedure in the spring. I tried to dream and that didn’t work. I also tried fighting sleeping and sleepiness, and suceeded. I woke up several times, purposely. I couldn’t understand why I was in a void, so I fought it and woke up to drilling and crunching :razz:.

Aww, geez. When I first saw this I was thinking: Synesthesia and mental activity! :lol: That’s how tired I am.

I guess your success depends on how often you can lucid dream during normal sleep. If it’s often, you might have a chance. If not, I can’t see why this would help you out.