Question: Lucid transition?

So, i was attempting a lucid dream a few nights ago.
I was laying down, being as relaxed as can be.
Anyways, I concentrated on a spot in my mind, and my body suddenly began tingling.
I moved my hand, and the tingling sensation continued. I got up out of bed and walked out into my hallway, while time seemed to go by really slow.
The problem is that I woke up only a minute later.
Does this situation seem familiar to anybody?

Yes that experience is very similar to a couple i have had. It sounds like an OOBE to me. The technique you were using i guess was a WILD one intended to get you into a lucid dream - but its also a technique thats used for OOBE - the difference is that instead of entering the hypnagogic imagery you get out of your body instead. I’m not exactly sure why such a huge distinction is drawn between LD and OOBE as they seem to be experiences of a similar nature to me.

Anyhow - you should be really pleased with yourself! Thats a cool thing to do! :smile: