QUESTION! Phoabias

Can you get rid of phobias from ld’s? like arachnicphobia? Like have spiders all on you for the fun of it?

Sure! Lots of people have been known to cure their phobias with LDs. Can’t hurt you, right? :content:

Anything you fear, you could face in a Lucid Dream, so yeah, I suppose with the right guidance, or at least the right attitude, you could overcome fears and Phobias in your dreams.

I have tried to cure my phobia toward heights, and it has somehow worked, yes :smile:

I also have become more bold in social situations (i have been relatively shy in social situations sometimes), because i use to chat with DC-s in LD-s and sometimes to annoy them with my boldness :tongue:

Instead of having spiders all over you, i think it would be better to try making a smart spider, as a pet or something…
Or… gather like 1000 spiders in a pile and get a flamethrower. I think that would be funnier :smile:

I’d find a giant spider and make friends with it. What better friend to have than a giant spider :tongue: ?

Sounds fun yea. Pet spider, that makes me shiver…