Question: sleep related, but not dream related

I plan to go to a LAN- party soon, and get some sleep in a chair now and then.
So the question is: Is this kind of sleep good enough for 4 days, if I sleep at least 6 hours a day in a chair?

Any viewpoints?

where you sleep is more or less irrelevant. just as long as you get enough sleep, you will be fine. but i recommend sleeping somewhere else, cause chairs arent that good.

Unless it is one of those big comfy recliner chairs that you can actually half lie on. Of course, a big comfy blanket and pillow helps too.

I doubt that is what will be available to you though.
2 days sleeping on a sofa gives me back aches and cricks in my neck.
I feel sorry for your poor body trying to relax in a chair for 4 days!

r.f :bored:

me too. it’s impossible to get a good nights sleep in a noffice chair, and i know that from experience. i am quite the skilled chair tester, and can tell you that if you are going to sleep at a lan, then you will either need a seriously expensive chair, or a space on the floor instead. trust me on this one, it’s much better.

u got to remember those lucid dreams, ya know. u won’t get them if you can’t sleep :wink:

I think the only problems of sleeping in a chair would be that its less comfortable, and harder to get to sleep in, also that you may get aches from it after youve woke up, because of the position your sleeping in.

Well, I don’t know how restful the sleep in a chair is, but… why don’t you just bring a sleeping bag ?!
I am sure this will be much more comfortable, after 4 days of sitting in front of your computer your neck will probably hurt anyway, so better give your body some time to relax