Is it possible to dream that your having a lucid dream, when in actuality your not? I think this would have to be a 3rd person perspective for the dream? Im not sure, anyone ever experienced this?

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sure… they’re called false lucid dreams (FLD) but they don’t necessarily have to be from a third person perspective. i’ve had a couple FLDs, most (if not all) were from a first person perspective

First it would be helpful if you posted your experience so we could give you an in-depth answer.

This is something that I have never experienced. I know a lot of people talk about having false LD’s. I don’t know if this is something real or, a symptom of over analyzing an experience.

To me the basic definition of a lucid dream is to realize that you are dreaming and understand what that means. In other words you know it’s a dream and realize you can control or change the dream.

That’s how I’d describe it as well. What we’re talking about here, though, is a normal dream (100% unconscious) that just happens to be on the topic of lucid dreaming - and all without ever triggering lucidity.

As an example, I had a dream a while ago where I was talking to one of my friends about lucid dreaming. Despite demonstrating how to do reality checks, and explaining in great detail what it was like to realize you’re dreaming and take control, I never actually became lucid. We even spent a while in the dream searching my old house for a copy of EWLD, so I could better explain the concept of lucid dreaming.

This is a FLD (False Lucid Dream). It can be hard for someone inexperienced with lucidity to understand the difference between the above ND and an actual LD, but they’re definitely very distinct.


So you had a ND about lucid dreaming and even demonstrated how dream control works. But, you did not know you are dreaming. I can see how someone who, has not had a LD before could mistake that for a LD.

I just wanted to make this clear because I read some posts where people talked about dreaming that they were having a Lucid Dream ( hard to explain it was a very convoluted chain of reasoning ) However, they knew that they were dreaming and were able to control the dream. To me that would equal a lucid dream. Nevertheless, there were people who talked themselves out of the probability that they had a LD. In the beginning, when you first become lucid, of corse the experience is going to be confusing. You are doing something new and you have to allow yourself the time to get used to it. I just to want people to turn a success into a failure.

I agree with Milod789 and Atheist in there example of how you could have this. I haven’t experienced this as far as I konw.

I didnt have one, I just was wondering… I havnmt had an LD yet either :’(

even though last night I managed to place my self in a situation that I thought of before going off to sleep.

thanks for the replies

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