In an LD can you make it to be whatever you want your LD to be? like say I want to play soccer with a professional, is it possible?

Of course you can. I have played football with famous players in dreams before. As far as i have noticed, the easiest way to summon someone or something, is to expect them to be behind the next corner or door.

Welcome, btw! :cool:

sweet! by Football players you mean Soccer Players? and if so which players, I wanna play with Ronaldinho, Totti, and Cristiano Ronaldo!

Yup, it’s definitely possible. Heck, you could even play AS those people!

Yes, Siiw meant soccer. But I suppose she won’t answer you. Indeed, she wants no more to think about soccer and decided to practice curling instead, because Rosenborg lost against Lyons yesterday… :tongue: :peek:

I’ve played football (soccer pfff :tongue: ) too in dreams, and I was technically better skilled than Maradonna in his top years. IRL I am probably the worst footballer you will find in Belgium! Even someone like me can do it, so it must perfectly possible for you to fulfill your football dreams in your LDs :wink:

I think he has some motivation now lol

Oh yeah, haha. :content:

I think I’ll stick to the fun stuff like flying. If I ever decide to do a LD sport, I’ll go play for the Mets. :cool:

As Johan probably knows, Rosenborg isn’t the team i support the most of the norwegian teams, it is Bodø/Glimt. :cool: And, Rosenborg can still survive if they win the next match, the only problem is the fact that it is against real madrid. :eek:

I have had dreams about football players from both teams, though. :tongue: In a lucid dream, it is possible to make time go slower, so you can be faster than all the players on the opposite team. :cool: Or why not use telekinesis to make the ball go where you want?